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Satisfy your pizza cravings in the comfort of your home, just order online or ring up Pizza Hut Malaysia to enjoy freshly baked oven pizzas! Click here to find out more about how to use amazing Pizza Hut coupons available on the iprice coupon page now!

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Satisfy your pizza cravings in the comfort of your home, just order online or ring up Pizza Hut Malaysia to enjoy freshly baked oven pizzas! Click here to find out more about how to use amazing Pizza Hut coupons available on the iprice coupon page now!

Total offers 3
Total coupons 0
Best discount RM10 Only

Pizza Hut Coupon

Offer RM10 Only
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Get 1 Regular Pan for only RM10 | Pizza Hut Malaysia
RM10 Only 31 December 2018
Download app & get a Buy 1 FREE 1 coupon
Buy 1 Free 1 31 December 2018
Wow! Take away for only RM5
RM5 31 December 2018

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Order the best pizzas in Malaysia at Pizza Hut and enjoy wallet saving deals

Are you salivating just by looking at pictures of delicious, mouth-watering Pizza Hut pizzas? Hey there, you are not the only one, we are all craving for a slice too. And thanks to our advance communications technology, your very own Pizza Hut pizzas are just a few clicks or a phone call away!

Now, you can even save up more on your pizza orders with exclusive Pizza Hut promo codes that are available at iprice coupon page. Amazing deals for both group and personal orders can be found on the page, so you can be assured to get a deal that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. And most importantly, you can do this without putting a huge hole in your wallets.

Pizza Hut Malaysia is always on its ‘Can Do’ mission to satisfy all your pizza cravings, so they will strive to deliver their best and be the best pizza makers! QSR Brands (M) Holdings is the main franchisee of Pizza Hut in Malaysia. The first Pizza Hut restaurant started its operations in 1982 and has expanded to own more than 350 restaurants in Malaysia. Pizza Hut Malaysia is also currently the biggest pizza chain in the country.

Pizza Hut Malaysia is running on two different concepts which are Pizza Hut Delivery and Pizza Hut Restaurant. The former focuses on delivering the best handmade pizzas, while the latter focuses on offering a friendly and cosy dining atmosphere for walk-in customers. Take-away services are also offered at all Pizza Hut outlets in Malaysia, so you can opt to pick up your hot and fresh pizzas at your convenience.

How did the sale of scrumptious Pizza Hut pizzas come about?

The Pizza Hut brand originating from the US started in 1958, when two brothers Dan and Frank Carney started the first Pizza Hut restaurant in Wichita. And due to the limited letter spacing on its building sign (only nine characters were allocated), the Carneys named their restaurant Pizza Hut because the building takes the form of a hut. Pizza Hut’s signature Super Supreme recipe was introduced in 1977 and its special Pan Pizza crust was launched throughout its operating system to ensure that all Pizza Hut pizzas have its signature pan crust thickness!

In Malaysia, Pizza Hut adapted a winning formula of mixing nutritious Italian and American cuisine into its pizza making. In offering halal certified signature hand tossed pan pizzas, Pizza Hut Malaysia has achieved much success in this local market. Currently, the brand is still creating new waves of competition in its offerings and promoting new pizza products that are unique and distinctive. Expect the best serving pizzas under this one roof!

Pizza Hut facts that people in Malaysia need to know

Pizza Hut Malaysia serves three types of signature crust for its pizzas:

  1. The Pan Pizza – traditionally the most loved Pizza Hut crust that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, Pan Crust Pizzas are made with Pizza Hut’s signature dough recipe and baked to perfection which will go well with all your favourite toppings.
  2. The Hand Stretched – this hand stretched dough is baked freshly every day and is guaranteed to be a good pairing with any pizza toppings, it’s the perfect crust for those who like a lighter crust.
  3. The Stuffed Crust – want something extra in the crust? You can enjoy three amazing cheese flavours, mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan all in one pizza!

Some fun facts that will excite all you Pizza Hut lovers out there!

  • Cheese alert!! Pizza Hut is the biggest user of cheese in the world! It is estimated that Pizza Hut uses up to 300 million pounds of cheese over a year!!
  • This also brings Pizza Hut to us about 360 million gallons of milk each year to make the cheese! Which also lead to its need of 170,000 dairy cows!
  • You might think that the most successful Pizza Hut outlet will be in the US as 350 pizzas are sold in the States each second but the most successful Pizza Hut outlet is in Moscow! The outlet holds a sales record of $6,500 every day on its pasta, drinks and pizza sales!
  • Pizza Hut is the world’s first company to make a pizza delivery to people in outer space. Maybe aliens soon?
  • Pizza Hut outlets can be found in more than 100 nations in the world.
  • It is also the first pizza chain to accept and deliver an order via the internet.
  • Chicken fillets, cheesy chicken sausages, cheese cones, hot dogs and cheeseburgers are among the filling in Pizza Hut’s stuffed crusts.

How to redeem Pizza Hut Malaysia promo codes?

To enjoy fantastic deals for Pizza Hut pizzas, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse through the offered Pizza Hut deals available at iprice coupon page.
  2. Click on your desired coupon to get the promo code. Be sure to copy the promo code for your desired deal.
  3. Then, click on ‘Go to store’ and be directed to Pizza Hut Malaysia.
  4. You can place your order as a member or a guest.
  5. Start ordering and place the copied promo code in the designated box to enjoy the deal.
  6. Your Pizza Hut order will be processed shortly and soon your Hot pizzas will be at your doorstep!

Enjoy hot and fresh pan baked pizzas now and utilize Pizza Hut deals exclusively available at iprice coupon page now!


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