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Samsung is one of the renowned brands in the world of electronics. Aside from gadgets and appliances, Samsung also offers discounts and promotions which you can find here.

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Samsung is one of the renowned brands in the world of electronics. Aside from gadgets and appliances, Samsung also offers discounts and promotions which you can find here.

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Samsung Malaysia: Perfect Companion Devices of Modern Users

Headquartered in South Korea, Samsung is one of the tech behemoths in the world of electronics. They offer various electronic products including TV and audio, computing, and appliances. Above all, most of its income comes from mobile devices. Its smartphones and tablets are among the most sought-after devices today, and here’s why.

Reasons Why Samsung Phones are Highly Sought-After Devices

Samsung phones are chosen by many users not only because they are popular but also because they come with powerful and interesting features.

Vast selection of options

When you choose Samsung, you are provided with a vast selection of options for phones. From camera phones to rugged phones to 4k-display phones, Samsung has all this covered up. With that, you can get a phone that suits your preference.

With other smartphone brands, you only get what it has in it. You only have a few choices to choose from. Not to mention, the features are going to be similar from model to model.

Allows you to customize

One of the best things about Samsung is that you can customize your phone. If you don’t like the default keyboard that comes with your phone, you can easily download a third-party keyboard app that lets you replace the standard one. Plus, most of their smartphone models get the latest and the best software features.

Impressive Hardware

Apart from the top-of-the-line software, Samsung integrates powerful hardware components into their flagships like multi-core processors, Snapdragon chipset, big RAM size, etc. What’s more, they have a capacious battery, water and shock resistance technology, and wireless charging capability. Thus, it’s no surprise that Samsung phones are sought-after by many people and they stick to the brand for years.

Widgets and Multi-Tasking Features

Since Samsung phones are integrated with the latest Android operating system, you can apply many different widgets onto their home screens. These widgets include clock, direct calls to contacts, flashlight, weather, messages, email, alarms, and much more. Users can arrange them on their home screen any way they like. Another advantage of having the Android OS is that you can launch a multitask window and use two apps at the same time. Although Apple also came out with their own multitasking feature, it only appears to be useful on iPads.

Expandable Memory

Samsung phones are known for their large and expandable memory. Their flagships usually begin with 32 GB internal memory which is large enough to save music, videos, games, apps, and so much more. Also, by simply opening the back cover or the slot on the side, users can insert a micro SD card which extends the memory of their phones.

Built to Last

Samsung harnesses durable materials into its phones like polycarbonate or tough plastic which is what the Galaxy S5 is made of. It also uses durable aluminum just like what is seen on the fronts and backs of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S7 and their Edge variants. Also, when you take the phone for a bend test, it never bends and it stays bent even if you keep it in your pockets for long periods.

Redeeming Samsung Coupons and Codes

  1. Take a look at coupon section above and choose the promo you like.
  2. If the promo has a code, copy it for later use.
  3. Visit the Alibaba website and sign in if you already have an account. If none, just sign up.
  4. After signing in, look for your desired device. You can browse through the categories on the upper left to find products
  5. If you want a smartphone, say, Samsung Galaxy S8, click Buy Now on the upper right.
  6. Choose what variant or edition you want, the color, and then click Add to Cart.
  7. On the order summary page, you can change the quantity or add accessories to your cart.
  8. From there, you can also see the enter promo code subsection. Clicking the plus symbol opens a promo code box where you can enter the code you copied earlier from Click APPLY after pasting the code.
  9. Buyers can either pay over time or pay in full. To take advantage of the pay over time option, buyers should order at least 1070 RM worth of Samsung products on their cart. Then, they enter their credit card information and wait for approval. If the buyers get approved, they will receive billing statements that include the plan details and due dates.
  10. If you don’t want to pay over time, select Pay in Full.
  11. Fill in the required payment information.
  12. Click Place Order to complete the transaction.

Payment Methods

In terms of payment options, Samsung accepts Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, JCB, Diner’s Club, and PayPal.

Shipping and Delivery

Since Samsung doesn’t offer international shipping, customers from Asia should sign into a shipping service like Borderlinx so that they can get their orders delivered to their doorsteps. Standard delivery times for Borderlinx are usually around 2-5 business days.

Customer service

If you have queries or problems regarding your purchase, call +1 800-726-7864 to get support from Samsung’s customer support team which is available anytime, 24/7. They also have live chat and email which you can access on their website.