With more than 50 years in the cookware business, the Zebra brand offers a wide selection of non-stick kitchenware, tableware, kitchen tools, food storage and food carriers, as well as pots and pans for all your cooking needs. Every household in Malaysia needs at least one piece of Zebra Malaysia’s product at home because sharing food is caring. Read more about the products offered by Zebra Malaysia.


Promoting Home Cooking and Food Sharing with Zebra Malaysia

With Malaysia being a country blessed with delicious food that can be found in every corner 24 hours a day, it is not surprising that Malaysians are true foodies at heart. Not only do we Malaysians love food but what we enjoy more is when we can share delicious delicacies with our loved ones.

Be it street food or home-cooked meals. Zebra Malaysia is in the center of the food scene with its inventory of cookware and kitchenware. Zebra Malaysia’s kitchenware products are more than capable of handling all your cooking and packing needs with its wide range of food carriers, lunch boxes, food storage, and stainless steel container sets. The brand is also renowned for its high-quality cookware that is made of the finest stainless steel. The products manufactured by Zebra Malaysia are durable and are perfect for both home or commercial uses. The most noteworthy products in Zebra Malaysia’s inventory include:

Pots and Pans

Zebra Malaysia produces a wide selection of pots and pans for a variety of uses – from steaming to frying, to making sauces. Made from top-quality stainless steel, these pots and pans distribute heat evenly to provide users with balanced cooking. Although they are made from stainless steel, Zebra Malaysia’s pots and pans are lead-free so you do not have to worry that lead (which is dangerous for health) will seep into your food while cooking. The handles are made of high-quality Bakelite, a heat insulator that enables you to handle the pots and pans easily. Moreover, they are also durable and can be used for many years before they need to be replaced.


Impress the guests that you invite over for a meal with the tableware from Zebra Malaysia. Zebra Malaysia also provides a wide selection of tableware for you to equip your kitchen and dining area with. Besides being functional, these utensils feature delicate designs that add a degree of elegance and class to your kitchen. From forks to plates to jugs, these tableware items from Zebra Malaysia are wonderful and lasting additions to your home.

Kitchen Tools

One of the best things to do to show your love for someone is by cooking them a meal that comes from the heart. If you are looking for kitchenware to assist you with your daily cooking tasks, then look no further than the kitchen tools offered by Zebra Malaysia. Its wide array of tools such as labels and tongs complete your kitchen and enable you to prepare any meal you want with ease. You do not have to worry about using the kitchen tools made by stainless steel as they will not rust, meaning that they will cause any health complications.

Food Storage and Food Carrier

One of Zebra Malaysia’s most well-known product is its line of food storage and food carrier products. These food storage products provide an easy way for consumers to pack food and bring it along wherever they go. Most of these units are airtight so that your food will not accidentally spill out while you are carrying them while moving. Moreover, they also come with a smart lock feature to further secure the containers so that they do not fall or spill.

Amongst the food storage items produced by Zebra Malaysia, its most well-known line is the stainless-steel tiffin containers that Malaysians have been using for decades. These tiffin containers usually have three or more compartments so you can bring different dishes. Moreover, being made of stainless steel, they are also at retaining heat, meaning that your food will remain warm for a longer time.

Catering Products

Thanks to its products meant for catering, Zebra Malaysia has also been part of many events and parties organised throughout the country. If you have been to a buffet before, most likely you will notice that the food is served in big food trays so that it is easier for attendees to take the food. Besides the trays, Zebra Malaysia also provides food warmers to keep the food heated by using hot water. Other products available in this category include coolers and juice dispensers, shabu pans, and stock pots.

Induction Cookers

Besides the products mentioned above, Zebra Malaysia also has induction cookers in its inventory. Unlike traditional stoves that use gas and fire, these induction cookers use electricity to heat and cook the food. As you can manually adjust the temperature, these cookers enable you to control the amount of heat generated more effectively, preventing food from being overcooked.