Although the online shop features products from various brands, Zalora’s own brand carries chic and elegant clothing pieces and accessories that are affordable and fashion-forward. With the clothes from Zalora Malaysia, you don’t have to lose your head when putting on the perfect ensemble for whatever occasion you’re going to.


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Zalora Malaysia

Why Shop with Zalora Malaysia

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News about Zalora

Are you tired looking the same way every day? Do you want to add a little oomph but got no dough to treat yourself? Stop worrying because we got your back with these easy tips to look boujee without over-spending.

Are you tired looking the same way every day? Do you want to add a little oomph but got no dough to treat yourself? Stop worrying because we got your back with these easy tips to look boujee without over-spending.

How to Look Chic in Any Occasion with Zalora Malaysia

The Zalora brand is as superb as any other brand that the online shop offers. Their ki line includes clothing, accessories, and footwear for both men and women. The designs from the Zalora brand are relatively timeless and versatile, making them the perfect pieces for any occasion. The clothing pieces and accessories from the Zalora brand are also affordable so if you’re ever in a pinch to get a new outfit for a special occasion, Zalora Malaysia is your savior.

Max(i) it out

No matter where you live, a maxi dress should be your go-to clothing piece for any occasion. The maxi Zalora dresses range from casual to formal, fitting for occasions such as weddings, banquets, and functions. The style of these maxi Zalora dresses also vary, like off-the-shoulder, lave, wrap dresses, high-low dresses, slit dresses, and V-neck dresses.

A trick to rocking a maxi Zalora dress Is to pay attention to the fabric. Cotton maxi dresses are suitable for casual and semi-casual settings while lace, satin, and velvet are c7 suitable in a formal, semi-formal, or even et tie events. The patterns on the maxi Zalora dresses also matters;opt for plain maxi dresses if you’re going to a formal or black-tie event so you don’t attract unwanted attention because of your dress.

Go monochrome

When you’re short on time and don’t know how else to style your Zalora clothes, you can always go monochrome or black and white. You can either go black on black, white on white, or a combination of both to achieve and elegant and timeless outfit. Going monochrome is also the easiest as you don’t have to worry about following today’s trends because black and white are always in style. Also, going monochrome doesn’t mean you always have to stick to black or white; you can also go for beige, tan, brown, grey, and silver.

Getting a black or white clothing item from the Zalora brand will also make getting dressed in the morning so much easier because they will match with literally everything. Just like the maxi Zalora dresses, pay attention to the fabrics to differentiate casual and formal monochrome pieces.

Or go floral

This fashion trend has come back from the yesteryears and every fashion brand and store are trying to emulate this trend the right way to make them appealing to today’s generation. The floral Zalora dresses, blouses, and tops are effortlessly chic. Take the Zalora Floral Fit & Flare Dress, for example. The mini dress with a round neckline, relaxed fit, and ¾ sleeves gives out a classic, vintage feel, making it suitable for office wear and cocktail parties.

Men don’t have to be left behind on the trend because Zalora also offers floral t-shirts and tops like the All Over Floral Printed Tee, Embroidered Patch Long Sleeve Shirt, and All Over Ditsy Floral Printed Tee.

Choose the right shoes

The shoes you wear is also as important as your outfit as it can make or break your entire outfit. Luckily, there are hundreds of Zalora shoes that you can choose from, all impeccably designed with your comfort as a priority. The Zalora shoe collection range from sandals and flats to wedges and heels in various designs while the shoes for men include sneakers, loafers, and sandals.

Maxi dresses and monochrome or black or white ensembles go well with almost any kind of shoes as long as they are comfortable for you to walk around in. Consider in pairing your floral dresses and tops with something more subtle to balance out the designs on your outfit.

Top it off with accessories

Of course, no outfit is complete without some accessories. Doesn’t matter if your accessories are simple and subtle or bold and eye-catching, putting on some jewelry, a belt, or a watch can elevate your outfit further especially if you’re going monochrome. Make your black and white outfits more interesting by adding a splash of color through your jewelry or keep it monochrome with a black belt and a white purse (or vice versa).

Other styling tips

To make the process of getting dressed and styling yourself easier, you may want to make a list of every item you own and create go-to outfits that you can recycle throughout the weeks. You can also categorize your outfits based on the level of formality like outfits for running errands, to wear to the office or class, or to parties and night-outs.