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Zalia Malaysia Your Ultimate Brand of Elegance and Poise

“Modesty is more than just a hemline, it is an interior disposition that influences not only our dress, but our thoughts and our actions.” – Leah Darrow

For those who feel that in order to dress modestly, you need to give up glamour and style, well you are wrong. Now even Muslim women can add fun and excitement into their wardrobe as Zalora, a Singapore based brand brings you the Zalia collection. If you want a touch of glamour for any special occasion, this collection is exactly what you need. With long dresses and beautiful designs, this ethnic fusion women’s wear has gained trust and success among the Muslim women in Malaysia.

Zalia Malaysia: Be Fashionable Without Losing Your Identity

Most of the attires available at Zalia are about gracefulness and modesty. The creations by Zalia are about the women in the Muslim community who needs an extra option of modest wear in their wardrobe. Zalia creates dreamy and light outfits so it could be the best option for the sunny weather in Southeast Asia. You will also find that most Zalia collection carries soft colours that will reflect the graceful side of the customer.

The Zalia baju kurung is one of the bestselling items from the brand as it is a high demand outfit during Eid and wedding season. Baju kurung is a traditional Malay women outfit worn during festivities that is a two piece consists of a long sleeved top and a side pleated skirt. Zalia created new ways to wear the baju kurung using modern take such as pairing the Zalia sequin skirt with a simple top.

You’ll find the stylish collection like they’re fresh off the runway. The designers were inspired by the works of Zuhair Murad and Victoria Beckham. The result is clean lines that accentuate the women’s feature without being over the top. The kaftans are made with chiffon and sheer lace making the wearer to feel like they’re floating on air. In addition to that, Zalia’s trendsetting dresses, embellished clutches, gorgeous shoes any many more are all reasonably priced that now you can enjoy being stylish without doing any damage to your wallet.

Zalia Malaysia: Style It Up Like A Diva

You can add more glam and glitz into Zalia special occasion women’s wear by styling yourself like a diva. Get yourself prepared as you are about to be transformed into a red carpet diva.

Makeup Matters
Keep your make minimal and natural. Do not cover all your facial features with heavy makeup. Just focus on one such as lips or eyes and work on that for example opt for deep coloured lipstick or smoky eye. Avoid doing both.
When you wear long dresses or evening gowns, try to wear a bun or a sleek ponytail. You may also let your hair loose with side sweep curls for a retro look. Add a glittery hair pin and you are good to go. If you are wearing a headscarf, choose a colour and fabric that suits your dress best. Try different wrapping styles.
Do not step out of your house without accessorising yourself. It is super important as one simple addition can complete your whole look. Never forget your clutch for starry events. Go for statement jewellery pieces if your outfit is simple and if your outfit is covered with stonework and sequin, then keep your sparkle minimal.

Zalia Malaysia: The Benefits of Dressing Modestly

Did you know that dressing up modestly can actually benefit us? Many of us might feel that modesty means being covered in some dull and unattractive clothes. It is not true because sometimes revealing too much can be a little boring. Keeping it mysterious can be sexy in a way and it definitely helps to shine our beauty.

Besides that, it gives a breath of fresh air. Fashion is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Nothing is ever right or wrong in fashion. You are free to experiment this kind of look for a change. You would be surprised with the outcome. As they say, if you never try, you will never know.

Most importantly, modesty is your choice. Your choice of revealing what you want and being proud of the person you are and your body image. One should never be ashamed of their body however there will be days where we might feel less positive of our body. During these days, wearing a long skirt means you do not need to worry about your thigh gap and a long sleeve blouse could take your mind away from your less toned arms.

Zalia Malaysia: Bigger Collection, Bigger Wardrobe!

Even though Zalia collections are designed for the specific need of Muslim women, this innovative brand doesn’t limit itself to just one type of women’s wear. You can find a wide range of clothing that are modern and glamorous yet modestly created to help you achieve the style that you want.


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    The brand made it in the online fashion trend for its sophisticated clothing that takes inspiration from both modern and traditional culture. If you’re not a fan of formal wear then check out the Zalia’s basic wear for you. There are comfortable and airy long sleeved jersey tops in cool colours. Also, the heels from Zalia are designed with a nod to the luxury designers. The glorious strappy heels from Zalia in it vibrant colours are also worth checking out. Zalia’s clothing is indeed the go to brand for the Malay women and everybody else for its cool and trendy clothes. You can also check out Gene Martino, Jovian Mandagie, any many more!