Yves Saint Laurent or known as YSL an all-rounded beauty product company or brand where they provided everything for you under fashion and beauty needed. They have makeup products, skincare products, fragrances, and many more. YSL do have a bunch of popular product and one of it is their lipstick.

YSL Lipstick | What are the best YSL lipsticks? | How much is YSL lipstick in Malaysia? | Is YSL Beauty legit?


Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick - Frequently Asked Questions


The Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is popular because they have a very creamy, moisturizing formula; they slip-slide as they melt against the lips during application, and it feels good to apply but can be quickly over-applied. It's just the sort of texture that lends itself to over-application without adding more coverage, so I suggest being careful to ensure you get plenty of use out of each tube. Surprisingly, they don't feel thick or excessively slick once applied, so it doesn't feel like the lipstick is continuously shifting when wearing.

Not only that they also have a high-shine, almost glossy finish that always smoothed out your lip lines without sinking into them, while the latter made it more incredible due to the amount of color and slip. The wear time differed depending on the color but was usually between three and five hours. Some colors, typically the mid-tones and darker tones, leave a slight stain behind. The formula has a soft, mango smell but no discernible taste.

What are the best YSL lipsticks?

There is no doubt that YSL has a bunch of perfect and popular lipstick lines under their brand. Here is our suggestion for the best lipstick under their makeup line that you can buy. With these matte lipsticks, you can get a glamorous and heavily pigmented color that coats the lips with deep hydration and antioxidant protection just in one stroke. Rouge Pur Couture's iconic couture jewel-like packaging delivers on the promise of edgy elegance and supreme feminine power.

Rouge Pur Couture collection is a must-buy when it comes to YSL lipsticks. This is because they have the most iconic shade and most of the popular artist was using these collections. This lipstick was one of the best makeup products under YSL is because it was rich and highly pigment color. Intense hydration, give out antioxidant care and help to achieve pure color in a satin or matte finish. Hydrospheres and natural extracts provide all-day comfort and hydration.

How much is Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Malaysia?

As expected, a high-quality product didn't come at a cheap price. You can get a different price range from different websites and stalls. If you want a cheaper price, you need to explore more websites but be careful with the fake ones. You can visit the iPrice website if you want to compare their price from many websites.

The price for their lipsticks might be quite expensive but is well worth every penny. This is because they are a high-end makeup product where they only use great quality ingredients in their product. Not only that, they do have a high price tag because of their details on every product they produce. They put extra care in every detail from the ingredients until the packaging of the product.

Is YSL Beauty legit?

YSL Beauty product is a legit product where you can get it from their official website, store, or any trusted official seller. No doubt, there is also a bunch of fake YSL beauty product that looks the same a the original one. As a buyer or user, make sure you do check first their quality and their review before bought it to avoid any scams or fake products. To be safe, you can just purchase every YSL product from their official websites or their stall near your place. If you still wanted to buy their product from another website, make sure to read their review or do a double check on their background before purchasing it. Research the product so you can identify which one is legit and which one is fake.