Give yourself a relaxing time and delicate treatment to maintain a healthy lifestyle with Young Living essential oils. Discover a wide range of products for the best relaxing time right at your home. Read the article below to learn more about Young Living.

What is Young Living essential oil? | How do I become a Young Living member in Malaysia? | Can I buy Young Living Malaysia essential oils online?


Young Living Malaysia – Try out the best aromatherapy for your wellness

Essential oil is a type of liquid, rather than actual oil, distilled from nature. People produce essential oils from leaves, flowers and parts of plants. The effect that it has on our well-being comes from the essence of the plant itself. They offer an extremely pleasant scent that helps your mind and body to relax as well as improve sleeping disorder, digestion and more.

Young Living is an expert of essential oils in the market. The company has its root dated back in 1993 as a small organic herb planting and essential oils developer, founded by Gary Young. At that time, the use of essential oils was not so popular as the available products still contained a chemical which urged Gary to focus on researching and producing only pure essential oils.

Young Living essential oils for a joyful life

The use of essential oils is applicable to many aspects of wellness and living conditions. With a significant amount of natural ingredients, Young Living has been researching and producing essential oils that are beneficial for different needs as followed:

Enhancing physical health

Extracted from cacao powder, cinnamon as main ingredients and nutmeg flavour blend in vanilla essential oil, Young Living’s Slique Tea is the key to body cleansing as well as weight management. This aromatic and tasty package of tea is a powerful nutrition supply to ensure your physical health, suitable for everyday use.

For more physical health improvement, you can also check out Young Living’s special development for wellness booster, including Body Support and Joint Mobility products:

  • DiGize
  • Aroma Life
  • Deep Relief
  • PanAway


Not only does essential oil help to improve your body from the inside, but it also helps to purify your home with the purest scent from nature. Now you can enjoy a fresh environment right in your loving home and say goodbye to harmful, chemical-based cleaning products. Young Living’s Thieves products line is your answer to a purified living space!

The hidden power of a soothing natural scent is the key to a happy life that we often miss out. Use essential oils from Young Living to explore the magical effect of these elegant and calming natural extracts for your home. Maximise the positive effect of Young Living’s essential oils by using its Dewdrop Diffuser. You instantly turn your home into a private spa.

Refining skin condition

When it comes to keeping a healthy and flawless complexion, you can always trust in pure essential oils from Young Living. The prominent effects of using essential oils in skin treatment are cleansing, moisturising, controlling acne and anti-ageing. Furthermore, essential oils are also used in hair care routine, which will help to give your hair a healthy root and lustrous look effortlessly. Living Young essential oils are seen almost in every spa for their excellent results.

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest with a healthy state of mind and radiant beauty, don’t underestimate the power of these little bottles and their heavenly aroma.

What is Young Living essential oil?

Young Living is an American healthcare brand that focuses on essential oils and aromatherapy that are essential for one’s wellbeing. These essential oils come from plants and flowers, which is then extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, or cold press.

How do I become a Young Living member in Malaysia?

To become a Young Living Malaysia member, you must fill out an application and purchase the Young Living Starter Kit. Provide your identification, utility bill, income tax information, and all the required documents needed to become a member. You can complete the registration through the phone and submit your documents through mail. You may also finish the enrollment online through the Young Living website.

Can I buy Young Living Malaysia essential oils online?

What makes Young Living special is that its business model allows so many people to sell and distribute the products all over the world. This includes both physical stores and online sellers. You can easily purchase essential oils from Young Living Malaysia through online sellers on Lazada, Shopee, and more.