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Keep cool with York air conditioners in Malaysia. All your cooling needs are met with York cooling technology. Check out the products below or click here to know more.

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Stay cool with York Air Conditioners Malaysia

It’s always summer in Malaysia. Thanks to the strategic placement of our country on the equator, we won’t see temperatures go lower than 20 degrees Celsius. But what happens when the temperature hits 40oC? That’s when we turn to York air conditioners. York cooling systems specialize in a variety of appliances like air conditioners, air purifiers and cooler boxes. Each appliance comes with years of research in the field of cooling systems. Now with York air conditioners, this technology comes to you. Stay cool on a hot day with York air conditioners Malaysia. With the option of buying online at York air conditioners in Malaysia, you can skip the hassle and get cooled real fast. Browse the products above or find our more with the links below.

York cooling appliances

When looking for cooling appliances, we generally factor in a few characteristics. First we tend to look for efficiency in cooling. How good a cooling unit is at lowering temperature and how much energy it uses. Secondly, we look for the comfort level of the appliance. Noise level and user-friendliness are key aspects of comfort ratings. Thirdly we look for cost of running the appliance. As electricity bills can go up significantly with the use of air conditioners, we tend to look for one with a lower cost.

Thankfully though, York air conditioners score high marks on all three factor levels. York air conditioners use a Split System whereby efficiency is optimized and comfort is prioritized. York air conditioners have the Energy Star rating for excellent energy efficiency. Consumption of electricity vs cooling performance gives York air conditioning units the capability to get this rating and subsequently reduce your cost and carbon footprint on this earth. York air conditioners also come with MicroChannel coil technology to further reduce the carbon footprint. On top of all these features, York air conditioners come with 10 years parts and compressor warranties so you can have a peace of mind like no other.

York air conditioning models

Let’s narrow it down so you can choose the right air conditioner for you. There are two main types of York air conditioners which are:

  • Affinity™ Series Split System Air Conditioners
  • LX Series Split System Air Conditioners

Both the series have Energy Star ratings and MicroChannel coil technology to bring it up to grade. So which models can we get in Malaysia? Let’s look at a few choices available online. Here are some choices you can get by shopping online with York air conditioners Malaysia:

  • York 1HP (Y410A) Air Conditioner
  • York Y410A 2HP Air Conditioner
  • York Daikin Cooling King Wall Mounted

You can even check out York Wall Mounted Air Conditioners for more models. For each of these models, York has incorporated environmentally friendly technologies as well as a simple user interface to help with the usage. Each unit is tried and tested for performance and quality till it is ready to be marketed to the masses. What better way to market it to the world than through online shopping. Get your York air conditioner online today.