Providing high-tech photography equipment to its users, YongNuo is a Chinese brand that is growing in popularity amongst photography enthusiasts for the quality and usefulness of its products. Read below to find out more about YongNuo Malaysia and its products.

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Yongnuo YN-50mm F1.8 Lens RM 210.50 LazMall by Lazada
Yongnuo YN-35mm F2 Lens RM 359.00 Shopee
Yongnuo YN-600EX RT RM 517.00 LazMall by Lazada
Yongnuo YN-560 IV RM 244.61 Shopee
Yongnuo YN-300 III Camera Light RM 229.00 Shopee
Yongnuo YN-300 Air Camera Light RM 90.80 Lazada
Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Transmitter RM 297.70 Taobao
Yongnuo YN-216 Camera Light RM 111.34 Lazada
Yongnuo YN-585EX RM 280.00 Lazada
Yongnuo YN-600 II Camera Light RM 577.00 Shopee
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Yongnuo YN-50mm F1.8 Lens

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YongNuo Malaysia – Photography Prowess is Within Your Grasp

Photography is becoming increasingly popular amongst many individuals around the world, proven by the rapid increase in the number of photography equipment in the market today. Whether it is for work or as a pastime activity, photography has developed into a very profitable business venture; for photographers themselves, as well as photography equipment providers.

Many would argue that having an advanced camera with complicated equipment and accessories does not necessarily make one a photographer; for one to be deemed as one, he/she also needs to be equipped with a certain amount of skills. Yet many also argue that no matter how skillful one is if he/she is not equipped with the proper photography equipment, the resulting photos will still fall short of its full potential. Acknowledging the latter, YongNuo is committed to providing high-quality photography equipment to veterans, professionals, and novices, so that everyone can create that picture-perfect shot.

How YongNuo Came to Be

YongNuo started its operations over 10 years ago in Shenzhen, China, specialized in offering high-quality professional photography equipment to its customers. Their core business is in developing, manufacturing, and retailing of photography accessories with the use of modern technology. YongNuo has an experienced and dedicated team of engineers that are well-versed experts in photography equipment manufacturing. Their expertise is one of the main factors that spurred YongNuo to be the professional, modern, and international brand that it is today.

Moreover, in order to ensure that they constantly meet the expectations of their customers, YongNuo places high emphasis on their customer service efforts. Their management inculcates the concept of “Customer First, Reputation First, and Service First” in its operations. This dedication to providing the best for their customers has enabled YongNuo to gain the trust of its customers and earned them a strong reputation in the mainland China market and internationally. Over the years, as YongNuo steadily grew and demands have increased worldwide, the company has built a branch in Hong Kong in 2007 to cater to these growing demands.

YongNuo Malaysia – Providing Professional Photography Equipment to Malaysians

Over the years, the photography scene in Malaysia has been steadily growing. Many Malaysians have picked it up as a hobby, and many have developed it further into a career or a way to earn extra income. You can find an abundance of photography studios as well as freelancers to help you take photos for memorable occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, company annual dinners, and other important events. In order for them to give their best to the clients, they will need a plethora of equipment to complement their cameras, to add extra variety and versatility to the photos that they take. With YongNuo Malaysia’s array of equipment, they have a wide range of products at their perusal to capture these moments with perfect clarity and sharpness.

Comprehensive List of Products to Suit All Your Photography Needs

YongNuo’s products mainly cater for DSLR camera users. Their products are generally compatible with all the DSLR brands currently available in the market. Among the products offered by YongNuo Malaysia to its Malaysian clientele include:

  • External flash – Although DSLR cameras have built-in flash, many professionals prefer using an external flash. Unlike the built-in flash, the external flash enables you to change the angle of the flash light, giving you more flexibility as you can control the exposure of the photos you take.
  • Flash triggers – Flash triggers enable you to trigger the flash from a certain range or distance away, meaning that you do not need to be physically there to activate the flash. This is particularly useful if you are at an event where there are multiple things happening at the same time.
  • LED Lights – Able to project more light compared to external flash, LED lights are particularly useful if you require a high-concentration of light to shine on the object of your photos.
  • Wireless shutter release – The shutter release enables you to control the shutter of your camera remotely, so you do not need to be physically at your camera to snap photos.
  • Battery packs – Often times, just having one battery is never enough. That is why most photographers will carry three to four fully-charged batteries to ensure that they do not run out of juice during critical moments. YongNuo’s battery packs provide customers with an additional battery alternatives.
  • Slim Filter – You might ask, “since I already have a lens cap, why do I need a filter?” A lens filter not only helps to protect the lens from dust, moisture, and thumb prints, but it also helps to improve the image quality of the pictures you take depending on which filter you are using.
  • Teleconverter – A teleconverter is a lens fixed in front of another lens to increase the focal length of the lens, thus increasing your photographic reach and allowing you to capture objects that are further away.

Get Your YongNuo Malaysia Camera Equipment and Accessories Online at Affordable Rates

With its large library of products to complement your DSLR camera, YongNuo Malaysia is indeed your ideal companion to create breathtaking photos. You can now get your favorite YongNuo products online via iPrice Malaysia. You can find them via Camera2U, Famcart, Lazada, NewFrog, or TMart!