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Highten your performance with the best rackets from Yonex Malaysia. The brand has a wide array of badminton rackets you can choose from online; all you need to do is scroll down below or simply click here to know how to choose the perfect Yonex racket for you.

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Top YONEX Racquet Sports Price List 2018

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Muscle Power 2 Junior Badminton Racquet RM 680.00 Lazada
VCore Tour F 97 Tennis Racquet RM 249.90 Lazada
EZone 100 (300g) Tennis Racquet RM 699.90 Lazada
EZONE ite Tennis Racquet RM 1,361.30 Lazada
VCore Tour F 97 Tennis Racquet RM 893.40 Lazada
Nanoray 7000 Badminton Racquet RM 349.90 Lazada
EZone 98 (305g) Tennis Racquet RM 699.90 Lazada
VCORE Tour G 330 Tennis Racquet RM 1,193.60 Lazada
EZone Ai Lite Tennis Racquet RM 1,017.00 Lazada
VCore Si 100 Tennis Racquet RM 249.90 Lazada
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Get ahead of the Game with a Yonex Badminton Racket

Badminton is a famous sport originating in Eurasia but became more prominent in the United Kingdom as a sport for the elites. Dominating the badminton courts today is Yonex, one of the leading producers of the finest rackets used in tournaments around the globe. Yonex was established by Monoru Yoneyama in 1946. While the company is popular in the badminton scene, you can also see their logo in tennis and golf. Being one of the most successful brands in the sport, Yonex also sponsors several events and athletes around the world.

Types of Yonex Badminton racket

While the company was founded some 70 years ago, it wasn’t until in 1969 that the brand started using aluminum frames for their badminton rackets. Generally, there are three types of badminton rackets: (1) head-heavy balance rackets, (2) head-light balance racket, and (3) Even balanced badminton racket.

Head heavy balance racket

For players who want to significantly increase the range of their smashes from the back of the court, then a head heavy balance racket is perfect. With the head being heavier than the handle, players using this type of badminton racket pack power with every hit. A Yonex Voltric racket or a Yonex Muscle Power racket can be a great badminton racket for you.

Head light balance racket

The exact opposite of a head-heavy balance racket, the head-light balance gives players more flexibility when it comes to their swings and its lightweight head makes it easier to manipulate. If you love playing doubles, then a head-light balance racket would be a great one to have. For head-light balance rackets, you can choose a Yonex Nanoray to attain that flexible swing inside the court.

Even balance racket

Perhaps the most popular choice for beginners, the even-balance racket gives you the benefit of a head-light and a head-heavy racket. It is suitable for all types of shots, anywhere around the court and are great for singles or doubles. If you want a Yonex even balance racket, you can try Yonex Arcsaber, Yonex Basic, Yonex Duora, and Yonex Muscle power.

How to choose the right Yonex Badminton racket

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Yonex badminton rackets are great for a game or practice. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right Yonex badminton racket for you:

  • As mentioned from the previous paragraph, first determine the balance of your racket. You can choose from a head-light balance, head-heavy balance, or even balance.
  • Aside from the racket’s balance, you also need to consider the shaft’s flexibility. There are two types: (1) stiff, and (2) flexible.
    • Stiff. Ideal for players with a for players with a quick and powerful swing, a stiff shaft gives them maximum power and control. A player with slow swing using a stiff shaft racket to a game would be a disadvantage because it would not bend and unbend enough.
    • Flexible. When there’s a stiff shaft, there’s also a flexible shaft badminton racket, and is perfect for players with low swing power because of its ability to bend and unbend
  • Other factors that would affect your choice would be weight, grip size, and string tension which are crucial for the game.

If you want to take a quick look at Yonex products available online, you can click here. You can also view other rackets from brands like Wilson, Carlton, Li Ning, and Fleet, all available online.