Yokohama Batteries is the strongest brand of car batteries in Malaysia. Yokohama batteries guarantee power, confidence and safety, powered by cutting edge expertise, research and development. Yokohama batteries, backed by a comprehensive range of solutions and support services, have resulted in decades of satisfied customers. visit - the no.1 battery provider in Asia!


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Yokohama Batteries | Battery Solutions in Malaysia

Yokohama Malaysia has recognized as a world leader in an automotive industry. And offering the battery replacement for every vehicle on the road. Yokohama is Malaysia's top lead acid battery manufacturer. Unlike other providers, Yokohama Malaysia offers high-end service across the region and world-class technology. Over the year, Yokohama has beco

me a standard of quality and industrial innovation. As replicate in the products themselves.

Yokohama products| Yokohama types of battery

Yokohama Malaysia had 3 types of battery:

  • Yokohama starter batteries for passenger and commercial vehicles which meet JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and DIN (German institute for standardisation) standards.
  • Yokohama batteries are high-performance batteries, +40% starting current in any condition, and with the Start &Stop ploy to provide hi-tech assistance to the driver. Available in both Maintenance-free and conventional formats.
  • Yokohama motive power solutions specialise in traction cells for electric material handling equipment like forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks and tow trucks. We can also provide golf buggy batteries for buggies, scissor lifts and sweepers. Yokohama cells and batteries can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to achieve maximum performances and reliable use. They are available to understand the customer needs and provide the cost-effective solution to match requirements.
  • Yokohama stationary batteries - include batteries for utilities, telecommunication systems, photovoltaic installations (solar panels) and continuous power supply systems, vented and sealed battery version for both flat and tubular plates models are available. Yokohama Malaysia, do a customization solution that fits the needs of your business.

Yokohama Batteries in Malaysia

Yokohama award and achievement proves as a world class battery manufacturer and distributor. Here are some of their key achievements over the years:

  • Superbrands Award 2015 - Yokohama Batteries Malaysia
  • Best Brand in Automotive Batteries (The BrandLaureate Award)
  • ISO 9001 certified – a testament to our commitment to quality and our customers
  • Yokohama pioneered Malaysia’s first Maintenance-Free batteries
  • ISO 14001 certified – a testament to our commitment to the environment
  • Malaysia’s top automotive battery manufacturer
  • TS 16949 certified – the highest quality management standard achievable for suppliers to the automotive industry.

Why choose Yokohama batteries?

A high-performance battery can be difficult to find, have to go over the process for the first time. Yokohama Malaysia had extensive experience in battery replacement, support, services, installation and supplying. Yokohama battery maintenance is together with upgrade and support services. And also, Yokohama technician give advice to clients and help them to do a right selection. So they can travel secure, smooth and safe. For more: Yokohama Batteries!

  • Yokohama Malaysia team will diagnose the problem, suggest the selection of a new car battery, have it supplied and fitted for you.
  • All of Yokohama batteries come with a quality guarantee, helping clients to rest assured that they have a reliable source of power for more years to come.

Yokohama is a trustworthy automotive battery that fulfils car lovers all over the world. Rust-free calcium metal shows the excellent heat resistance and strong immunity against unpredictable change. It is a maintenance free product that needs no refilling of the electrolytic solutions. Now the new evolution begins with Yokohama Malaysia.

Yokohama Batteries | Malaysian Culture

At the Yokohama, culture is much evidence helping them to attract and keep the clients. Yokohama’s commitment to clients, team, integrity, excellence and innovative. Embodied in their core values below:

  • The employee, reputation and maintaining excellent services is an asset of Yokohama Malaysia.
  • Yokohama's creativity and imagination recognized the way to strive solution to the client problem.
  • Yokohama gives extra effort to identify and recruit, a person for the job.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of Yokohama business.
  • Yokohama people maintain the ethical standards in everything.
  • Yokohama set the highest standard for performance, integrity and professionalism. Provides the best customer service at reasonable prices.
  • Yokohama delivers the quality products and service with satisfaction. Yokohama ensured a safe, clean and injury-free workplace for their employees and customers

Yokohama Battery safe charging and installation

These settings need to be noted before disconnecting and charging batteries. Please follow manufacturer's instruction manual for other necessary precautions.

  • Wear proper eye protector and make sure to switch off the charger and timer, before connecting the battery.
  • If the battery is still in the vehicle, connect the negative lead to the engine block to serve as the ground. Make sure all the main connections are tight.
  • Switch on the charger and slowly increase charging rate till SI unit of electric current is reached
  • In case battery becomes hot, or discharging of electrolyte happens, decrease charging rate or temporarily stop the charger.
  • Always turn off the charger, before removing leads from the battery to avoid any dangerous sparks.
  • Disconnect ground cable first (Usually the negative cable)
  • Remove old battery, note the positions of the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Mark the cables if necessary.
  • Clean cable connections well and replace damaged cables.
  • Install new battery and secure it properly with the hold down assembly.
  • Make sure the depots do not touch any metal mounting, engine or body parts.
  • Connect ground cable last to avoid sparks.
  • Make sure you are in an open air area

The Yokohama Malaysia focus on strengthening and widening its distribution network. Market expansion and broaden Yokohama product in different categories into markets.

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