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YG Entertainment Malaysia: Bringing K-Pop Fever That Transforms Entertainment Industry

"Big Bang may not be the best looking and may not be dancers out there, but each member holds a distinct individuality as a weapon that allows them to perform freely."

- Yang Hyun-Suk, the founder of YG Entertainment.

As one of the 3 giant Korean entertainment companies, YG Entertainment transforms the entire Korean entertainment industry into what it is today along with other giants such as JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment. Amassing its own companies of record label, music production, music publishing, cosmetics, clothing, event management, concert production and talent agency, YG Entertainment proves to be a successful media juggernaut that emerges as one of the most prominent entertainment companies in South Korea.

Do you know that "YG" actually stands for Yang Goon which refers to Yang Hyun-Suk himself? He was the visionary artist that founded YG Entertainment along with his brother, Yang Min-Suk. Under the visionary leadership of Yang Hyun-Suk and Yang Min-Suk, YG Entertainment manages to expand exponentially as its family of talented artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, Tablo, Psy, Dara, iKON, Epik High and countless others have released music and performance that cause fans to roar in excitement whether listening to their music or going to their concerts. Even if you do not listen to K-Pop music, you probably have heard of them or seen their performances that are widely circulated around various media mediums. Such is the power and popularity of K-Pop music, proudly brought by YG Entertainment.

History Of YG Entertainment Malaysia

In the past several decades ago, the Korean music was relatively unknown as other East Asian music genres such as Mandopop and Cantopop were still dominating. All of these began to change in 1992 as Seo Taiji and Boys debuted in MBC's Talent Show with its song, "Nan Arayo". Despite being less well received by the jury who gives the lowest rating to them, the public actually loved its song. Much of its success was actually attributed to memorable yet catchy lyrics and swing-inspired beats that would make anyone to dance and sing when listening to it. At the same time, Seo Taiji and Boys actually laid the foundations of modern K-Pop music as its format and style had been adopted by other emerging Korean artists at that time as well. As K-Pop fans and enthusiasts noted, this was the beginning of K-Pop music and it would never be the same again.

One of the members of the legendary Seo Taiji and Boys group was Yang Hyun-Suk himself. After the disbandment of the group, he and his brother later established YG Entertainment together in 1996. Despite being young at that time, YG Entertainment actually managed artists such as 1TYM, Jinusean and Keep Six. In just 3 years, artists in YG Entertainment collaborated together in releasing their first collaborated album. It was released under the name of "YG Family" and it proved to be very successful as many people responded well to it. Eventually, it was followed by the second YG Family album as well as another YG label, YG Underground.

Starting in the year 2006, YG Entertainment was going to raise its first idol group, Big Bang. Both of its members, G-Dragon and Taeyang, had been trainees with YG Entertainment since the age of 13 years old. As the youngest idol group in the Korean market at that time, Big Bang has been greeted with less enthusiastic responses. Despite such setback, Big Bang showed to the world about what it can do when it released popular songs such as "Lies" and "Haru Haru". These songs prove to be successful when they were reported to be at number one on domestic charts for 18 consecutive weeks. Eventually, each member of Big Bang was able to carve his own way with his own successful solo careers. During the surge of popularity of Big Bang, YG Entertainment also took the opportunity in launching its first female idol group, 2NE1. Its debut song, Fire, has literally set fire to entire nation with its fresh and catchy beats.

In terms of revenue, YG Entertainment has been said to be making hundreds of millions each year as its own family of artists continues to influence the Korean music and entertainment industry with their masterpieces and performances as well as tours around the world. Such success is possible because each artist is a passionate and dedicated performer who stops at nothing when it comes to performing spectacular music. Even non-fans are in awe of the dedication and high production values in all of its artists and their performances in both studio and live versions.

YG Entertainment Malaysia - The Power Of YG Family

Featuring a large family of accomplished and talented artists that produced magnificent masterpieces that continue to captivate fans to this day, YG actually referred this talented family as "YG Family"; a similar sentiment that K-Pop fans and enthusiasts also affectionately responded in kind as well. Managing this legion of talented artists can prove to be a monumental task but YG Entertainment is able to achieve that and export these talents to the whole world. These are some of your favourite artists and groups that form the YG Family:


  • Big Bang
  • 2NE1
  • Epik High
  • iKON
  • Akdong Musician

Solo Artists

  • T.O.P
  • Daesung
  • Seungri
  • Taeyang
  • G-Dragon
  • Dara
  • Tablo

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