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YANAGIYA Face Skin Care for Women

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Yanagiya Jennos Hair Cream (Grapeseed) 140g
RM 52.20

Brand from Japan: Yanagiya. Hair cream for damaged hair, which is hyperly moist but not sticky. Hair protective ingredient Grape seed oil (natural hair protection ingredient) formulated. Although it is super moist, it is not sticky with a feeling of smoothness. Moisture and oil penetrate in a well-balanced manner, making moist long lasting. Hair damaging hair damage repair ingredients hydrolysis keratin formulation. Hair repair ingredients Hydrolysis Damaged hair with keratin formulation has repair effect. Also weakly acidic with keeping hair gently, Amino acids (natural moisturizing ingredients) formulated. Fragrant nature of green floral. Fragrance of green floral with no fragrance in hair. Hair protective ingredients Grape seed oil formulation. Although it is super moist, it has a smooth feeling. Well-balanced moisture and oil, weak acidity, amino acids (natural moisturizing ingredients) formulated. Hair repair ingredients Hydrolyzed keratin ingredients. How to use: Tangle, Knoby hair - Apply a lot to tangled hair ends, gently brushing makes hair easier to handle. For bad dry hair - In a semi-dry condition, put it on the part you care about, let it dry naturally, it calms down moist. To hairstyling hairstyle - In a dry state, if you put your hair like lifting it, it will be finished with movement. Before Good night - If you apply it to whole semi-dry hair, it will be easier to styling the hair spreading the next morning.

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