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Yanagiya Jennos Hair Cream (Grapeseed) 140g
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Brand from Japan: Yanagiya. Hair cream for damaged hair, which is hyperly moist but not sticky. Hair protective ingredient Grape seed oil (natural hair protection ingredient) formulated. Although it is super moist, it is not sticky with a feeling of smoothness. Moisture and oil penetrate in a well-balanced manner, making moist long lasting. Hair damaging hair damage repair ingredients hydrolysis keratin formulation. Hair repair ingredients Hydrolysis Damaged hair with keratin formulation has repair effect. Also weakly acidic with keeping hair gently, Amino acids (natural moisturizing ingredients) formulated. Fragrant nature of green floral. Fragrance of green floral with no fragrance in hair. Hair protective ingredients Grape seed oil formulation. Although it is super moist, it has a smooth feeling. Well-balanced moisture and oil, weak acidity, amino acids (natural moisturizing ingredients) formulated. Hair repair ingredients Hydrolyzed keratin ingredients. How to use: Tangle, Knoby hair - Apply a lot to tangled hair ends, gently brushing makes hair easier to handle. For bad dry hair - In a semi-dry condition, put it on the part you care about, let it dry naturally, it calms down moist. To hairstyling hairstyle - In a dry state, if you put your hair like lifting it, it will be finished with movement. Before Good night - If you apply it to whole semi-dry hair, it will be easier to styling the hair spreading the next morning.

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Yanagiya Jennos Hair Cream (Horse Oil) 140g
RM 56.60 RM 57.80

Brand from Japan: Yanagiya. The topical natural moisturizing ingredient horse oil is blended with high moisturizing power even in skin care. It is a hair cream that delivers moisture and gloss to hair. It is excellent in penetrating power and can be used without worrying about stickiness. Natural moisturizing ingredient horse oil blending. Horse oil contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, it has excellent treatment effect on hair, gives gloss and moisture. Damage hair damaged by an external stimulus is care from the inside and outside with three functions of moisturizing supplement, treatment repair, coat protection. It leads to moisturizing and radiant hair and lasts a good smooth feeling as fingers. Weak acidity that makes hair gentle. Repair ingredient pearl protein formula. Moisturizing ingredients Trehalose derivative formulation. Uncolored. Fragrance of Green Floral with no scent on hair. It is a type of hair treatment not washed off. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the palm and spread it uniformly on the hair. You can use it for both dry hair and half dry hair. For non-glossy hair, apply it to stretch the thinly stretched cream in your hands, and finish it in glossy hair. It is made to blend in the anxious part and brushing gently, it finishes to soft hair more than finger street. Before goodnight, if you apply it to whole semi-dry hair, spread of hair of the next morning is suppressed, and it becomes easy to styling.

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Yanagiya Kankitsu EX Medicated Scalp Care Essence 180ml
RM 157.60 RM 160.80

Brand from Japan: Yanagiya. Healthy hair from the scalp environment. The hardened scalp becomes bad blood circulation and it also causes hair trouble. To nurture a beautiful and healthy hair, it is necessary to keep the scalp soft and moist. Promotes hair growth by preventing hair loss. Flexibly give moisture to the scalp. It helps healthy hair growth. Three kinds of medicinal ingredients promote blood circulation to activate hair root, and grow thick and long hair with elasticity and elasticity. Pharmaceutical ingredients: assembly extract, vitamin E derivative, dipotassium glycyrrathyrinate. 4 kinds of natural citrus extract keeps the scalp moisturized, prevents drying, and prepares the scalp environment healthily. Vegetable moisturizing ingredients: orange, grapefruit, yuz, lemon extract. Menthol comfortable and refreshing feeling of use. Easy to use spray type. Scent of faint citrus. Efficacy Effect: Hair growth, nourishment, hair growth promotion, thin hair, prevention of hair loss, postpartum / postpartum depilation, dandruff, itching. How to use: Use before shampooing or hair styling. Spray an appropriate amount from the scalp 5cm away and lightly massage the whole with your finger's belly. About twice a day, use 10 push once as a guide. Be careful pushing several times until the content comes out at the beginning of use. It can be used for both men and women.

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