Yamaha Malaysia is a brand that is very famous for high quality musical instruments; their most famed product is the Yamaha Keyboard. Their keyboards are very popular mainly because they make innovative instruments. For information about Yamaha Keyboards, click here!

Yamaha Keyboard Hobbies

Yamaha Keyboard Malaysia: Take Music With You

Yamaha's knowledge and expertise in manufacturing musical instruments has become a hallmark in its niche for 100 years now. Yamaha Malaysia is a brand that was able to merge cutting edge technology with craftsmanship, aimed to develop the most outstanding Yamaha Keyboards in the world. Both professional and beginners always turn to Yamaha Keyboards when it comes to learning, creating, performing and perfecting their performances. Whatever type of keyboard your need calls for, Yamaha have the best one in the market for it: from piano focused keyboard like Piaggero or their Portable Grand series or their unmatched technology embedded in their feature rich instruments such as PSR-E or EZ series.

Yamaha Keyboard Malaysia Keyboard Line

Entry Level Portables

This series offer an advance set of tools that can help you learn how to play, they are pretty much built into the keyboards. These helpful tools will allow you to self study how to play and perform.

Piagerro Slim/Light

This type of keyboard from Yamaha offers classical piano tone. Also, it's a very portable type keyboard which is slim, weighing only at around 12lbs. The Piagerro Series is can perform with you anytime, anywhere, without having to plug it in because it can be ran with battery power.

Portable Grands 76/88 Keys

This keyboard from Yamaha features an easy to use panel, that gives you the ability to fine tune or customize the sound. It also flaunts a wealth of piano centric features that boasts different key styles, graded soft touch actions and piano sample on high resolution stereos. It provides a complete and optimized piano experience.

Why Yamaha Keyboard


Yamaha keyboards are handy and very easy to transport anytime, anywhere. The Piagerro series takes portability to the next level, as its design will provide you the convenience to carry it around under one arm. Despite the portable design that it takes on, it still boasts piano style keys, easy to navigate panel, authentic piano sound and can be operated with just the use of batteries. All in all, it provides top notch sound despite its altered design.

Be Your Own Band

The Yamaha Keyboard can play a variety of stunning instrumental voices, backing styles, opening a world of vast musical enjoyment. You can easily choose a music or sound that you could follow while playing your keyboard.

Self Study with Y.E.S.

Y.E.S. stands for Yamaha Education Suite. This feature of every Yamaha Keyboard will break down song into individual components that it's made of, like pitch, rhythm and the different instruments. The music can be reconstructed with your effort to master every bit of its elements. Learning to play the piano has never been this fun and easy. The Y.E.S. is made for every individual who has the heart to learn the piano.

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