Being one of the biggest names in musical instruments and motorcycles, Yamaha has a great selection of pianos and musical keyboards that you should check out. Read more about Yamaha keyboards in Malaysia below.

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Yamaha Keyboard Features that you Should Look Out For

For many musical instructors, the best way to teach musical concepts and notes is through a keyboard or an electronic piano. This instrument allows you to visualize notes and chords so that you may be able to understand them better. So, if you want to learn more about music, then picking up a keyboard would be the best way to do so.

As one of the best in the music world, Yamaha keyboards are sought after for their excellent sound quality and top-notch features that you can't get in any other brand. Here are some - if not all, features that you should look out for when choosing a Yamaha keyboard.

Number of Keys

Depending on how much you need, Yamaha keyboards can range from 25 to as much as 88 keys, depending on how many octaves you need. Of course, the larger the number, the bigger the keyboard.

Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity is the ability of the keyboard to sense speed and pressure of each key.


This feature determines the number of sounds a keyboard generates at one time. A keyboard with an extensive polyphonic range can mimic an entire orchestra.


Compared to polyphony, multitimbrality is the ability of the keyboard to play different sounds (drums, flute, violin, etc.) at the same time

MIDI compatibility

MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a protocol developed in the 80s to connect electronic instruments and computers. MIDI signals contain no sound but rather, a blueprint that tells the hardware what notes to play and how fast it needs to be played.

Computer connectivity

Whether through MIDI, FireWire, USB, S/PDIF or mLAN, a keyboard should be able to connect to a computer. This allows you to better record, practice, and play with a sound much better than analog means.


Either hardware or software, a sequencer records MIDI performances and plays it back according to how the user wants it to sound.


An arpeggio is a chord in which the notes are played in succession rather than all at once. With an arpeggiator, you can electronically create arpeggios when playing with a single note on your keyboard.


Perhaps one of today's most sought-after feature in a Yamaha keyboard, a sampler allows you to record digital audio, play it back according to how you want it to sound.

Input/ Output

Perhaps one of the most important features in an electronic keyboard, the input and output allows you to connect to amplifiers, mixers, and speakers and can save you from buying a separate audio interface for it.


Depending on what sound you're going to be making, controllers are knobs, sliders, and buttons that allow you to influence the sound that you are going to create with a keyboard. This is really important if you are into sampling or looking for a good MIDI controller.

Whether you're an industry professional or a newbie, a good set of keys would come a long way. Recommended by many musicians, Yamaha gives you a selection of keyboards and electronic pianos that you can get your hands on. Shop at iPrice now and grab the best musical instruments in Malaysia!