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As one of the most prominent brands in the MotoGP motorsport, Yamaha has built a strong reputation worldwide for its motorcycles. Known to deliver excellence and trusted by motorcycle racing world champions, Yamaha is definitely a brand you should consider if you are looking to own world-class quality motorcycles. Read more about Yamaha motorcycles below.

How to Keep Your Yamaha Motorcycles in Tip-Top Condition

Over the years, Yamaha has become a household name globally for its motorcycles. From street motorcycles used daily to weave through the hectic Kuala Lumpur traffic congestion, to sports bikes used by professionals to perform in extreme sports, Yamaha ensures that their motorcycles are equipped with high-quality parts to ensure excellent all-rounded performance.

Proper Maintenance to Keep Your Motorcycle in Optimum Condition

However, no matter how good a motorcycle is, it will only be able to perform to its maximum capacity if proper maintenance is done to upkeep its condition. Regular and thorough upkeep is important to ensure that your motorcycles are always in optimum condition, especially in Malaysia where many factors such as unexpected downpours, uneven road conditions, and occasional natural phenomena might cause your Yamaha motorcycles to encounter some problems. Hence, here are a few tips on how to take care of your motorcycles:

  1. Check the Tyres Regularly – Tyres should be checked regularly as they are the ones that enable your motorcycle to move. Check the air pressure to ensure that the tires are properly inflated, according to the levels recommended by Yamaha Malaysia. You should also check thoroughly on the tires’ surface for any possible cuts and scrapes that could cause mishaps. Tire treads should also be checked on a weekly basis, as well as their suspension and alignment to avoid any potential accidents.
  2. Inspect Engine Oil – Engine oil plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your Yamaha motorcycle operates smoothly. You should always ensure that your engine oil is maintained on a correct level and check for any possible oil leakages. Engine oil also should be changed every time your Yamaha motorcycle reaches 5000km mileage, as there are carbon deposits in the oil – the oil will thicken and create a drag in the movement of engine internals. This will not only reduce the engine life of your motorcycle but also increase fuel consumption.
  3. Clean Air Filter – The dusty air in Malaysia could cause the air filters to be clogged up regularly. The air filters should be changed at regular intervals, and increase the cleaning frequency to ensure that they are not blocked.
  4. Monitor Engine Condition – The engine is the main power supply for your motorcycle, similar to how the heart is to the human body. Servicing your bike and monitoring your motorcycle engine’s condition regularly will keep the engine running like clockwork. The carburetor should always be kept clean – its float chambers and other parts should be cleaned once for every 1500km travelled. Furthermore, you should always make sure that the spark plug is kept clean and the gap is set correctly to ensure proper engine combustion.
  5. Ensure that the Brakes are Functioning Properly – You should always ensure that keep both the brakes holding the tire is properly spaced, as it will be dangerous if the brakes are too tight or too loose. If there is a screeching sound when you are riding your motorcycle, it could be because the brake pads have been exhausted - it should be replaced to prevent any accidents from happening.

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