From automotive to musical instruments, Yamaha creates some of the best products for musical creation and production. To listen to good music, you need a good pair of headphones! Check out the hottest Yamaha headphones in Malaysia or read more about what makes a good headphone below.

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Things to Consider When Buying Yamaha Headphones

Whether for producing or listening to music, a good set of headphones is necessary. A good set of headphones can take your musical experience to a whole new level. Regardless of whether you're buying one for work or leisure, here are things that you need to consider when buying Yamaha headphones.

Headphones vs Earbuds

When choosing Yamaha headphones, the first thing you need to consider is whether going for headphones or earbuds. Headphones are big and bulky but provide better sound quality while earbuds are small and compact, and are prone to damage, especially for cheap earbuds. Whether you prefer headphones or earbuds, it all boils down to personal preference.

Sound Isolation

Sound isolation refers to your headphone's ability to keep external noise from penetrating your headphones. It also keeps you from wasting your phone or your player's battery to turn up or down the volume. Since they are closer to your ears, earbuds are better players for sound isolation due to the sealed environment that it creates on your ears. For headphones, there are two types of headphones you can choose from:

  • Open-backed headphones - produces less distorted and more natural sound but people around you will hear your music.
  • Close-backed headphones - isolates sound better but can be less comfortable due to reverberation from soundwaves bouncing off the closed back.

Know about Frequency Range

If you are serious about getting good quality Yamaha headphones, then knowing about its frequency range is crucial to your choice. A wider frequency range means you can hear more music - and that's a good thing! A recommended frequency of 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz is recommended. If you are a professional who want to analyze sound, a flat-response headphones would be recommended in contrast to typical stereo headphones.

Is noise-cancelling a great idea?

As awesome as noise-cancelling headphones sounds, it is not a great idea if you are on a budget. Noise-cancelling headphones are expensive and are oftentimes not worth it if you are casually listening to music. A cheap trick that you can do to create a noise-cancelling atmosphere to enhance your listening experience is to buy over-ear hearing protectors at your nearest hardware store. Place that over your earbuds to get rid of ambient noise and voila, you have your own DIY noise-cancelling headphones.


To make the most out of your headphones, try to match its impedance with the MP3 player, your phone or any audio equipment that you are using. If you don't match your headphone's impedance, you would have to turn up the volume slightly compared to matched devices.

Your Budget

The last thing that you need to consider when buying a good pair of Yamaha headphones is your budget. A good pair of headphones can be a little bit expensive and you can actually hear the difference between a good quality headphone to a cheap knock-off. If you are a music professional, a good pair of headphones can go a long way with music production so it is imperative that you invest in a good headphone. For casual listeners, there is no need to get expensive noise-cancelling, flat-response headphones if you're just going to listen for pleasure.

If you are in the market for a good set of headphones, check out Yamaha's exciting selection of speakers, amplifiers, earphones, headphones, and accessories for your listening pleasure!