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Yamaha has a wide selection of audio Hi-Fi systems for you to choose from. As a Hi-Fi system is quite costly, making the right decision is important so that you do not waste your hard-earned money. Learn more about how to choose the right Yamaha Malaysia audio Hi-Fi system for your home.

Yamaha YAS-105 Soundbar - Black
RM 1,490.00
Harvey Norman
Enjoy clear, full-range sound from an ultra slim Yamaha YAS-105 Sound Bar that fits neatly in front of your TV or can be gracefully wall-mounted under it. Key Features  Ultra slim design perfectly complements the look of your TVDeep, rich bass from dual built-in subwoofersSimple setup with a single-cable connectionWall-mountable with flexible orientationBluetooth wireless music streaming from a smartphone or tabletDimensions Tabletop (35” x 2-1/8” x 5-1/8”) Wall mount (35” x 5-1/8” x 2-3/8” (with spacer)
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Yamaha 7.1 Channel Soundbar
RM 6,790.00
Harvey Norman
Yamahas Slim Digital Sound Projector will ensure exceptional surround sound performance. With its Wireless Active Sub woofer, wireless music streaming and USB digital connection this device produces high sound quality. Key Features:The Wireless Subwoofer with advanced YST technology create rich and poweful bass.The Soundbar has 22 array speakers and powerful Woofers.With its Wireless Active Subwoofer this device allows flexible pleacement.
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Yamaha LSX-170 Re-Lit Bluetooth Speaker in Gold Local Stocks 1 Year Local Warranty
RM 2,500.70
Yamaha LSX-170 Re-Lit Bluetooth Speaker in Gold Local Stocks 1 Year Local Warranty
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Yamaha Relit Portable Bluetooth Speaker LS-X70
RM 1,186.10
Hunting for George

How to Choose the Right Audio System for Your Needs

Yamaha Malaysia Hi-Fi systems deliver great audio quality to its users. However, with so many options available, choosing the right Yamaha audio Hi-Fi system might not be as easy as it seems. Hence, here is a guide to choosing the best Yamaha Hi-Fi system to suit all your needs.


First and foremost, you need to set a budget before setting off to purchase a Hi-Fi system. Thankfully, Yamaha offers Hi-Fi systems across all price ranges so that you can purchase one that suits your financial capability. Naturally. Yamaha’s audio Hi-Fi systems that are in higher price brackets have more features that you can utilise to enhance your auditory experience even further. Although they are available in all price ranges, you can be assured that the audio quality will still be crisp and crystal clear.


Another aspect that you should consider is the features that you want your audio Hi-Fi systems to have. As mentioned above, Hi-Fi systems with more features tend to cost more, hence you should identify which features you will be using and which ones you can live without. Yamaha’s high-end systems can play music from a series of sources including CD, USB, Wi-Fi, MusicCast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth. If there are some of these sources that you do not use at all, then you can consider buying models that do not support them so that you can save extra money.


Besides that, Yamaha Malaysia’s audio Hi-Fi systems are available in many colours for you to choose from. Hence, you should choose a colour that best complements the interior of your home. This is to ensure that the Hi-Fi systems do not stick out like a sore thumb in your home. The minimalistic yet stylish designs can elevate the overall aesthetics of your home with a distinct and personalised style that only Yamaha Malaysia can offer.

Type of System

Generally, Yamaha audio Hi-Fi systems can be divided into two types – the main unit with separate speakers, or an all-in-one device with built-in speakers. Both models have their respective advantages, depending on what you are looking for. The key advantage of Yamaha’s Hi-Fi systems with separate speakers is that the speakers can be replaced if they are damaged or old without needing to repurchase the entire system. You can also improve the audio quality produced by the Hi-Fi systems by swapping the speakers with more up-to-date models.

On the other hand, the main selling point of Yamaha Malaysia’s all-in-one audio Hi-Fi systems is their simplicity. Although they do not provide the option to change the speakers, these compact models are less complicated to set up and are pretty much plug and play. Moreover, the brand’s all-in-one units feature a compact build, meaning that they do not take up too much space and are ideal to be used in smaller spaces.