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4 Products you can get from Xiaomi Other than Smartphones

06 June 2018

Xiaomi is a brand synonymous with smartphones, but did you know that they have over 2,000 products under their belt?

Xiaomi is a brand synonymous with smartphones, but did you know that they have over 2,000 products under their belt?

Xiaoyi Malaysia - Packing Both Fun & Technology That Fits In Your Pocket

In an era which digital technology is increasingly prominent, there are many brands and manufacturers that are vying for supremacy in oversaturated digital market. Of course, another factor that defines such supremacy is the question of whether the product proves to be exceed the expectations of its users when it claims to offer something uniquely different in terms of experience. Having said that, Xiaoyi is one of these aspiring brands that is emerging in making its mark in the market. With fierce determination, Xiaoyi takes the world by storm with its own unique line of innovative products. All of these products offer exciting ways in enhancing your life as well as making it more meaningful. Hence, Xiaoyi is a one-of-a-kind brand that promises a lifetime of action and adventure for those that crave for octane-filled life.

Xiaoyi Malaysia - Promising A Lifetime Of Action & Adventure

While there is many other brands in the market, none come as far as Xiaoyi when it is able to provide products that bring you to a lifetime of action and adventure. What Xiaoyi actually means when it talks about a lifetime of action and adventure is that Xiaoyi products offer you exciting ways that other brands are unable to provide. Take Yi Action Camera for an example, it is designed to be a compact enough for you to bring it around without any worry or fear. Feel free to take any picture while you are embarking and sharing your adventure with friends and family when using the powerful Yi Action Camera.

Xiaoyi Malaysia - All About Optimizing Your Digital Experience

A highly advanced and efficient digital device will still be regarded as futile if it is unable to provide great user-experience. The best thing about Xiaoyi is that it designs its products to provide great user-experience while being efficient in carrying out their tasks with precision. Such amazing user-experience sums up the power of Xiaoyi and this makes Xiaoyi to be superbly incredible as it focuses in optimizing your digital experience.

Amazing Xiaoyi Malaysia Products That Challenge The World

Yi Action Camera

This little baby has been described as small yet powerful. Housing the powerful 16MP camera with ultra-wide angle lens, Yi Action Camera is really amazing as it is able to take captivating photos that will amaze you. These beautiful images contain such incredible level of depth and richness that make them to be very stunning. At the same time, it proves to be exceptional when shooting full HD 1080p videos. What you find in its photos and videos are both sharp and crystal clear image quality.

Talking about its 16MP camera, it is actually Sony Exmor image sensor that utilizes backside illuminated technology. This technology is instrumental in increasing light sensitivity while reducing noise at the same time. As such, behind every beautiful picture that you have taken is the marvellous work done by this incredible image sensor. Not only that, you can even take picture even in the areas with poor lighting conditions.

Aided by the highly capable Ambarella A7LS processor, this world's leading image processor does more than just processing your images. It boasts wonderful stuffs such as image stabilization and blur reduction. Not only that, it also provides the necessary power in enhancing the images to be more accurate in terms of colour saturation.

The ultra-wide angle lens gives you the ability in covering bigger areas in 155 degrees. In other words, Yi Action Camera enables you to explore the wonder and beauty of your world in this magnificent panoramic view. From capturing more beautiful skyline in your favourite city to taking more landscape in the vast outdoors, its ultra-wide angle lens will remind you about the importance of widening your perspective and broadening your horizon.

Weighing just 70g, Yi Action Camera is really lightweight that you can carry it anywhere. As your truly dedicated travel companion, Yi Action Camera packs serious firepower into its tiny frame. Boasting exciting options such as burst mode, time-lapse mode, self-time mode and others, this Xiaoyi product is remarkable in giving you extra choices in capturing pictures. Both its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity ensures that you are able to stream live footage, edit photo and video as well as sharing them instantly.

Yi Smart Camera

Basically, this Xiaoyi product is designed with the concept "home security within your fingertips" in mind. Through the power of real-time video and audio, Yi Smart Camera is able to connect you with your family. Not only that, it is easy to use as you can establish the connection in just three simple steps.

When it comes to performance, Yi Smart Camera has already got it covered for you with its powerful lens (1280x720 resolution) with f/2.0 aperture. It allows Yi Smart Camera to deliver stunningly sharp images that are even visible when you are zooming in. Not just that, this Xiaoyi product is also outfitted with 111 degree wide-angle lens that provides extensive coverage so that you will not be missing anything under your sharp gaze. At the same time, you can choose to activate 4x zoom in getting better view of certain details.

Incredibly, Yi Smart Camera contains this non-invasive 940mm infrared sensor that works well even in low-light conditions. It also comes with superior intelligent system that enables it to maintain sharper and more stunning images. Another unexpected feature of this device is that you now have the ability to be connected with your family or loved ones. Regarding its quality, its speaker and microphone delivers cleaner and more audible voice. It is able to provide stronger 2-way conversation that strengthens basic communication .

Capturing Life's Perfect Moment With Xiaoyi Malaysia

Our life is full of amazing moments that warrant worthy attention as they are truly memorable. For the latest Xiaoyi products, you can check out Xiaoyi electronics as there is always something new and refreshing whenever we talk about Xiaoyi products.