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Xiaomi Mi Note is the phablet smartphone flagship from Xiaomi. Its powerful specification is encased in a beautiful and svelte glass body with aluminium frame to provide a luxurious finish and feel to our hands. With curved edges to fit ergonomically in our hands and installed with the intuitive MIUI interface. Read more about Xiaomi Mi Note here.

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Xiaomi Mi Note Malaysia

Xiaomi Malaysia

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronic technology company that was founded in China back in 2010. The company primarily manufactures a variety of electronic products, smartphones, tablets, earphones, and many other miscellaneous products, but they are most well known for their fantastic smartphones.

Besides their innovative products, Xiaomi's reputation is also well known for their unconventional business model: They sell all their electronic products without the use of a middle-man or distributor, it is all done directly on their official website. For new smartphones, they also liked to hold flash sales where a certain quantity of smartphones will be put up on their website at certain times.

Xiaomi Mi Note

Xiaomi has only two different lines of smartphones: The Mi flagship smartphones and the Redmi low-end to mid-range smartphones. The Mi flagship smartphones are those that pack a lot of interesting features and powerful specifications into the phone, whereas the Redmi smartphones offer simpler smartphones with slightly lower specifications. However, it should be noted that most Xiaomi smartphones are very affordable, even their expansive flagship smartphone lineup,

The Xiaomi Mi Note is the phablet flagship smartphone for Xiaomi. The Mi Note is encased in curved glass panels that holds a beautiful ultra-thin 6.95mm aluminum frame in between. The glass curves at the edges where it meets the aluminum frame so that it first ergonomically in the hand. The overall look of the phablet smartphone is very simple and elegant. Also, unlike many smartphones of its caliber, the large fantastic camera of the Mi Note sits flush in its body and does not stick out from the sleek glass back. Speaking of the back, there is also a version which comes in wood material which feels natural against our skin.

Xiaomi Mi Note specification

As the Xiaomi Mi Note is a flagship smartphone, it packs very high performing hardware inside its slim and svelte body.

  • Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with Adreno 330 GPU
  • 3GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB or 64GB internal flash storage
  • 3000 mAh battery

The Xiaomi Mi Note also offers superior sound to earphones and headphones in comparison to other smartphones. Xiaomi has put in a high quality audio chip inside with amplifiers that can drive earphones and headphones without much problem – even better with Xiaomi's own earphones and headphone. It also supports a lot of different audio formats, including .flac, a very high quality format for audio.

MIUI User Interface

All Xiaomi smartphones run on the Android operating system, which is then overlaid with their own user interface, the MIUI (pronounced me-you-I, which is also intentional to show the connection between you and the smartphone). Xiaomi's MIUI is a user interface that is enhanced by over a hundred million users all over through their feedbacks and suggestions; literally giving the fans and users exactly the features that they want such as software optimization and a security center where you can control exactly every single detail about your smartphone.

Xiaomi smartphones are affordable and they are very high performance devices, the perfect choice for those who want maximum value in their smartphone purchase.