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XES Shoes Malaysia: Comfortable Yet Trendy and Stylish

“One thing I have learned is to be comfortable in your skin, and more importantly, be comfortable in your shoes.” – Octavia Spencer

Life is a long journey and besides your loved ones, your shoes are your faithful companion to help you have a happy and comfortable journey. Shoes and love are so much alike. When it comes to both shoes and love, we always find good looking ones but we would eventually end up with comfortable ones. However, you know that you have hit the jackpot when you get both – look and comfort at the same. With XES Shoes that simply add style to your outfit and giving you utmost comfort, this well-known shoe brand is definitely a jackpot.

The Story of XES Shoes Malaysia

Founded by Simpson Wong, XES was established in 2002 under the Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd. Its headquarters is located at the Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Estate in Shah Alam. The strategic location has proved to be an advantage for the operation of XES over the years.

XES success is mainly due to the experienced and top management team as well as organized departments to ensure the smooth flow of the business. In addition to that, more than 400 staffs are recruited to produce premium quality products and making sure the business focuses on its core mission – retail chain store management and local and export original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

The commitment and dedication shown by employees at XES have been the primary reasons for the rapid development and success that XES has gained and in today’s global market, XES is known as the highly favorable brand in the shoe manufacturing industry. Capturing the interest and the attention of this nation, XES is surely a brand to stay.

XES Shoes Malaysia: Not your Ordinary Choice

Despite all the obvious choices offered in the market today, XES strives to stand out from the rest as a brand that provides comfort to your feet like no other footwear. In addition to comfort, XES is all about keeping up with the latest trend and style. Check out the top three reasons why you should own XES right away.

Superior Comfort for Happy Feet
Recently, XES has come up with a new tagline, “Superior Comfort for happy Feet”. The recent revamp in 2014 is to help them understand that XES is truly devoted in producing warm and comfortable footwear.
Price Tag That Makes You Smile
Shopping can be a burden sometimes and keeping your bank balance healthy after a good shopping can be a little tedious. However, XES ensures the production of affordable footwear for everyday family use. With its diverse shoe collection for men, women, and children you can now protect your loved ones without burning a hole in your pocket.
Trusted Brand
With more than 80 stores in Malaysia, XES is a highly trusted brand by the people across this country. With its premium quality shoes and unique designs, XES has never failed to deliver anything less than perfection to the loyal consumers out there.

Best Sellers from XES Shoes Malaysia

With the consumer’s best interest in mind, XES brand has developed various collections of footwear to fit your fun, sexy as well as comfortable lifestyle. From high heels to shoes, XES is a brand that will never let you down when it comes to style and comfort. Check out the must-have from XES!

For Her

Glittery Flat Shoes
Big Bow Loafers
Limited Edition Toe Post Sandals
Mary Jane Wedge Shoes
Cut Out Oxfords
Two Tone Lace Up Flats

    For Him

    Casual Sneakers
    One Strap Slip On Shoes
    Formal Shoes
    Comfortable Lace Up Shoes
    Toe Post Sandals
    Checkered Pattern Casual Loafers

      Smart Guide, Happy Feet

      Firstly, wear both right and left shoes before purchasing them as feet are usually not the same size. Next, make sure your footwear protects and cushions your soles. This also works as shock absorber whenever your feet suffer from an impact. When you try your shoes on, never forget to walk or jump around. As silly as it sounds, all these weird routines actually help your feet to settle in and get comfortable in your shoes. If the shoes still don’t feel quite right after doing all that, then you should forget about buying them. Finally, don’t go for the same type of shoes every single time. Sometimes, it is a little hard to let go of things that make us feel comfortable. But the trick is to explore your style and personality with fun, interesting and sometimes quirky designs to find the one that fits you the best.

      Buy XES Shoes Malaysia Online Now

      Great shoes take you to great places and with XES, every day is a pleasant and surprising journey. Give your feet the much-needed love and care with XES right away. You can also check out other amazing footwear brands such as Hush Puppies, Giuseppe Zanotti, Louis Cuppers and more.