The X-One is a well-renowned brand of mobile phone accessories which are designed to provide maximum customization and protection. Their product that is highly sought after in the market today is their top of the class mobile phone and tablet screen protectors. Why? Read more about it here to find out!

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X-One Malaysia: The Next Generation Screen Protectors

X-One holds the reputation as the toughest mobile phone screen provider in the market today, which was based on the recognition that it earned from the consumers. They have been recognized as one of the most highly advanced mobile phone accessories that provide a top notch user experience in the market today.

X One’s Ground Breaking Screen Protector

Their shock absorption screen is the product that has put the company on the map. Its superior protective quality is the reason why it the most sought after product from X-One. Their shock absorption screen is the only screen that stepped up the game for manufacturers of screen protectors, which led to the rise of the sturdier and more protective phone screens in the market today.

X-One has worked and established a good business relationship with some of the best raw materials suppliers in the world. The materials used in their products are most PET, PET triple protective coating, PET electronic static, PET anti-scratch, PET anti-glaring, PET anti-oil,

Technological Superiority

Precise Size and Cut

The screen size and its shape have been cut with high precision, in order to achieve a 0.3mm thickness which is only 50% of the average slimness of its competing brands. Which such measurement, the phone’s screen could provide a zero difference of the touch experience compared to a phone with no screen protection.

Anti-Scratch 4H and 5H

The surface of their screen protectors is hardened through the process of nanometer sclerosis tech, making it highly resistant to friction leading to scratching. The 4H means 400 times more resistant than the average screen, while the 5H is 500 times.

Super HD

Due to its thinness which is unmatched, it provides an ultra-clear resolution of the screen which sports accurate colors, rich administrative levels. The screen would look nearly invisible with its precise sizing.

360 Degree Anti Peeping

The screen can protect your privacy with its ability to shut off the screen’s visibility when viewed on a different degree other than through its front. The visibility is completely confined on the front, which is only viewable by facing the screen up front.


Their screen protector is embellished with a special optical coating that will scatter the fingerprints as far as possible and absorbing light by diffusion, this leads to removal of the sludge that composes the finger prints, leaving none behind.

Nanometer Anti-Bacterial Technology

With the constant need to touch and interact with the screen to operate the smartphone device, it cannot be avoided that bacteria accumulate on the screen. With X-One’s latest PET antibacterial material technology from Japan, it doubles the screen’s reaction and antibacterial ability of the screen, which is also long lasting.

Recycling Technology

Dust and dirt have invaded the inner part of the screen protector? No need to buy a new one to replace your soiled screen protector because X-One’s screen is recyclable. Dirt and dust? No need to worry, simply clean the screen with water, dry it, then use it again. You can do this repeatedly without having to worry that the screen’s protective capability will wear out.

Shock Absorption

The protector that will prevent not just your phone’s screen, but the entirely of your phone with their technology that’s designed to absorb mild to moderate shocks, which causes screen damages and scratches onto your device.

Production Process

One of the materials that greatly influenced their success is the CSR76 – a method that determined the precision of their screens’ measurement and density. The mold of the screen was perfected through repeated modification until they are trimmed to the fitness measurement which is 0.3mm, a measurement that’s just half of even the thinnest screens from their competitors.

The next step in creating the world’s best screen protector is composed of a bulk of cutting process. They use the finest blade which is imported, in order to ensure that the edges and the holes cut are precisely the way that it should be. Then, they have professionals choose the products that they will apply to the material which are of high standards in order to result in a perfect appearance that does not compromise quality.

Whenever their product does not meet their standards in terms of appearance, shows roughness on its edges, deformation, and other imperfections are considered unqualified, thus they immediately destroy them to avoid its distribution into the market. Basically, only those that possess perfection can pass their quality testing and proceed to the next step of their production process which is the packaging.

Packaging is what makes the product appealing to the market; X-One’s packaging flaunts a very elegant looking kit. It basically radiates their product’s high-level value, while at the same time it is practical and protective. Their packaging is unique and highly protective because of their screens should be kept from shocks that might cause deformation, and this can be done with the aid of hard cardboards.

The repacking process is the last part of their production process, this is where sealing stickers, bagging, and attaching the product into the packages, and sealing is done. After that, their products are sent to their storage and are prepared for distribution.