Wawa cosmetics is one of the most viral health and beauty companies in Malaysia. They produce some of the best local beauty products that can be trusted. They not only produce makeup but they do also have skincare under their brand name. Every product they launch mostly will be sold out in a few hours.

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Wawa cosmetics product is known as a long-term effect product where you need to be consistent in using it to get perfect skin. Their cosmetics are not only popular because of their founder but they are famous because of the quality itself.

A lot of their cosmetics users prove that their products are of great quality and have a good effect on their skin. As everyone knows, Wawa cosmetics have launched a bunch of makeup products under their brand. You basically can get any makeup you need from their brand. Check out some of their top products below!

Wawa Cosmetics 3D Eyelash Extension

This mascara gives you a heavy effect where it helps to make your eyelash look thicker and longer. This product is suggested to the girl who loves to have an extra look on their eyes but wearing fake eyelashes is too much business for them. This perfect mascara can also spice up your eye makeup look.

Wawa Cosmetics Lip Treatment

Their lip treatment is one of their best-selling product because not only does it take care of your lips but also gives out a pretty colour while you're wearing it. Having a dry lip can really mess up your lipstick look, this lip treatment is a perfect product to help you with that problem.

Wawa Cosmetics Serum Foundation

This foundation is a perfect foundation for someone who has dry skin. Their foundation not only can give you almost full-face coverage but also maintain your skin hydration.