One of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies in the country, Watsons is the one-stop destination for all your health and beauty products. Watsons Malaysia offers a great selection of products for all your health and beauty needs. Find out more about Watsons Malaysia below.

What can I do with Watsons points? | What can I buy in Watsons Malaysia? | How do I become a Watsons member?


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Reasons to shop online with Watsons Malaysia

Founded in 1828, Watsons is one of Asia's biggest beauty and health care chain store. Purchasing health and beauty products is similar to doing your groceries as it is a necessity for your family. Many people are opting to shop online as they simply are getting busier. Watsons Malaysia allows consumers to purchase all types of health and personal care products online, and here are reasons you should jump on the Watsons Malaysia bandwagon too!

Purchases delivered to a Watsons Store in Malaysia

There are many Malaysia Watsons stores no matter if you stay in the city, suburb, or other metropolitan areas. You can opt to shop online and collect your products from the nearest store to your home. First-time customers can either utilize their smartphone or computer to register for an account before starting shopping. After that, they have the option to choose the Watsons store that they wish to collect your order from. They will be notified either through SMS or Email upon payment and confirmation of their purchase. Simply show the SMS, Watsons member card or identification card to the counter and collect the products. Moreover, consumers can earn rewards by simply choosing to shop online with Watsons Malaysia!

Watsons Malaysia offers a variety of services

Typically, most online shopping platforms take care of the small things that will eventually make life a whole lot easier. Your health and beauty purchases are more or less similar and utilizing Watson online, it has features that help keep tabs on your previous purchases. This not only makes it easier for you to have your products delivered without having to select every item all over again, plus it also saves you a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, the items you wish to purchase are categorized into groups to make it much easier for you to look for them. If you ever forget an item, you can always get it with just a click away. People who move to a new location will also benefit from Watson online shopping since they simply have to collect from the nearest store to their location.

Save money with Watsons Malaysia

When you shop online with Watson Malaysia it gives you a way to steer clear of all of those bait and switch practices. You will never be tempted by flashy packages on a product that you do not intend to purchase as well as the featured products that look like they are on sale, but in actuality, are not really a bargain.

Shopping online is a more straightforward approach where the prices are marked clearly where you are able to search for specific items easily, add them to your cart and check out right away. Instead of walking aimlessly through the pharmacy and having to go back to the store to pick up something you left out or falling for those impulse purchases that somehow find a way into your cart, you can avoid all of the above when you shop online.

On the other hand, prices online are usually competitive with prices at the physical stores. Watsons Malaysia has its own virtual coupons and deals, which can be applied to your order. It’s even easier to check the products that are on sale before you purchase them. It’s also beneficial to shop on a budget as you can view your subtotal when you add items to the cart. If it’s over your budget, you can simply remove the items and get instant feedback on the amount of money you are about to spend.

Improve your wellness with Watsons Malaysia

Watsons Malaysia offers a wide range of good products that cater to every consumer's needs as the company has provided health and beauty solutions that are not only good quality but trusted as well to every Malaysian. The health care products available with Watsons are vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition, beauty and many more. On the other hand, there are many popular makeup brands such as L’oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Bourjois and so on. To further deliver excellent service to its customers, Watsons Malaysia also runs seasonal promotions campaigns to create healthcare awareness among Malaysians. Online shoppers will definitely benefit from the deal and offer by Watsons online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Watsons Malaysia

What can I do with Watsons points?

With all the points you’ve collected, you can redeem them to get discounts and slice off a fraction of your total purchase. Every 200 points equal RM1, so the more you accumulate, the more Watsons discounts you’re entitled to.

How do I check my points on my Watsons card?

You can check your point balance on Watsons online at You can also ask the cashier to inform you of your balance when making a physical purchase at Watsons stores.

What can I buy in Watsons Malaysia?

You can find a wide range of beauty, personal care, and health products in Watsons Malaysia. Some of the most popular brands you can find in the store are Freeman, St. Ives, Berocca, La Roche Posay, Blackmores, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Garnier, and more. The store also has its own Watsons brand that carries beauty and daily essential products like shampoo, hand sanitisers, hand cream, body scrub, and so on.

How do I become a Watsons member?

Watsons membership is a one-off (lifetime) membership, you only need to sign up as a Watsons member once. There will be a one-time membership fee applies. It is RM20 if you sign-up at any Watsons stores, and you will receive a physical Watsons membership card. While it is RM10 if you sign-up at or via the Watsons App and you will receive an e-card.

How do I activate Watsons Touch n Go?

The new Watsons VIP card is a 2-in-1 membership card that comes with Touch'n Go feature. First of all, you need to log on to ‘’ and click the ‘Activate Card’ button. Once complete the online registration form, an SMS activation code will be sent to your registered mobile number.

To activate the Touch' n Go, you can log on to and register with the serial number provided at the back of the card. Alternatively, you can walk into any of Touch' n Go hub to register.