What makes a woman irresistible is how much time she spends on herself and what better way can she measure that time than with luxurious and accurate watches? Putting time on the hands on women yielded great results and in actuality time waits for no woman. So, wait no more and get great women watches here on iprice.


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Watches for women, a symbol of elegance and class

Like face to face communication, VCR or even floppy disk, watches has lost its importance in the urban, modern life that we are living right now. All of us, no matter of what age have got a cell phone to tell us the time, not forgetting our computers, tabs or whatever new technological gadgets that we carry in our pockets.

So why do we still need a watch? Is it still worth investing in a good quality watch that is not only practical but gorgeous too? As firm believers of watches and its worth, we have listed down all the reason a professional, smart women like you need a timepiece.

  1. It’s extremely rude to look at your phone all the time

Your mom hates it, your boss hates it, and your date definitely hates it. Checking your phone when you are at an important meeting, family dinner or just anywhere else is not something advisable. But with the time available on your wrist, you can always take a quick glance without anyone noticing. Like a ninja!

  1. You feel “off” without your wrist candy

When you are just so used to having something strapped to your wrist, going a day without it feels like you are stepping out of your house without any clothes on. You are greatly attached to your watch and no matter what you do or where you go, you don’t feel complete without your watch.

  1. You just don’t feel like bringing your phone with you

If your 9-5 job is not tiring enough, replying to your emails on your phone all day can be quite a hassle especially when you are looking for peace and quiet. And we are sure you are guilty of whipping your phone out whenever you’re bored to play one of those extremely addictive game (Candy Crush or Clash of Clans anyone?). So when you feel like leaving your phone at home to spend some quality time with your loved ones, you can always keep track of time thanks to your watch.

  1. It looks like you put in some effort to your ensemble

It is known fact that accessories has the power to break or make an ensemble. Cleverly layering your necklaces, choosing the perfect bracelets or the most suitable ring would take up the time that you don’t really have and pairing them up perfectly is not an easy task. But with just a watch, you are ready to take over the world looking as gorgeous as ever.

A timepiece for your personality and style

Just like what we said before, accessories has the power to take your look to a whole new level, allowing you to create your own unique style. This is the reason why women take forever to choose the perfect bling that would complement her ensemble. Watches are no exception too. This tiny strap is able to create a sophisticated panache for you.

So picking out the perfect timepiece for a lady demands a careful eye. To make your life easier, here are 5 useful tips when it comes to picking out the perfect watch for yourself.

  1. Choosing the movement type
  • Mechanical movement-More practical, reliable, more affordable as it requires less maintenance.
  • Quartz movement-Need a proper upkeep as it involves complicated engineering and can be a piece of inheritance.
  1. Choosing the type that would suit her the best
    • Sports- Your perfect companion for sports, workout or anything that demands you to time yourself.
    • Fashion – An accessory that makes a statement
    • Analogue – For individuals with a traditional mind and spirit
    • Chronograph- for people who loves being on time, everywhere, anywhere
    • Digital- an instant time teller
    • Casual- A watch that is suitable for your walk in the park, your date night, or a casual lunch with your boss
    • Luxury- designed with pearls, diamonds, and by names that changed the fashion industry
    • Smart Watches-
  1. Choosing the material and design

Women likes that little sparkle and bling that brightens up her life. The gold watch will always be in demand but for someone who likes minimalism, you can go for designs like rose gold, pink, silver, or even stainless steel watches.

  1. Deciding on the type of strap

Pure leather, chained bracelet or even ribbon straps, the choice is yours.

  1. It must have the the ‘Va Va Voom’ factor

People said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but anything that allows a women to stand out is her best friend. Make sure the watch that you choose allows the wearer to be the spotlight wherever she goes.