As popular as stainless-steel watch straps are, people often forget to maintain their cleanliness. It’s important that you know how to maintain the cleanliness of your watch and your stainless-steel watch straps. Read the steps in the article here.

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Ways to Clean Your Stainless-Steel Watch Strap in Malaysia

In order to ensure the longevity of your watches, you need to clean and polish them regularly. This includes cleaning your stainless-steel watch straps even if you’re planning to switch the bands every once in a while. Sweat, dirt, dust, and other nasty particles can easily build up in the crevices of your stainless-steel watch straps so it’s highly recommended that you clean them thoroughly once or twice every month.

Follow the steps below to know how to effectively clean your stainless-steel watch straps.

What you need

  • 1tsp of lukewarm water
  • 1 tsp of household vinegar
  • Baby oil or olive oil
  • Clean cloth
  • Cotton swabs or Q-tips
  • Toothpicks

What to do

  1. Begin by detaching your stainless-steel watch strap from your watch. You can do so by unscrewing the little bolts with a small screwdriver. Place the watch aside and gather all the necessary items to clean your stainless-steel watch strap.
  2. Combine the water and the vinegar and mix it well.
  3. Dip the edge of the clean cloth into the mixture and gently wipe the strap with the oiled cloth. The vinegar will help break down tough dirt and residue on the stainless-steel watch strap.
  4. Use the cotton swab or Q-tips dipped in the vinegar mixture to clean the insides of the strap. If needed, use the toothpick to clean small crevices.
  5. After you’ve got rid of the dirt and residues, wipe the stainless-steel watch strap once more with baby oil or olive oil. Doing this will help restore the shine of the strap.
  6. Let the watch strap sit covered in oil for at least five minutes before taking a clean, dry cloths to rub the oil in circular motions.

Popular stainless-steel watch strap brands

Whether you have an analog watch, digital watch, sports watch, or Swiss watch, you can never go wrong with pairing it with a stainless-steel watch strap. Men’s watches, as well as ladies’ watches, will look 10 times more sophisticated and classy with a shiny stainless-steel watch strap. Some of the most popular stainless-steel watch strap bands are Garmin, Casio, Apple, and Hoco. While these brands only cater to their own respective watches, there are other versatile stainless-steel watch straps in the market that you can pair with more than one brands of watch.

Other popular types of watch straps

While stainless-steel watch straps may be classy and elegant, you may want to switch it up once in a while in order to match it with your daily outfits. You can opt to switch your stainless-steel watch straps to leather straps for a rugged look, rubber straps for a sportier look, or NATO straps for a more masculine and tough look. Just make sure to store them properly, whether it’s inside a resealable plastic bag or in a watch case. Keep your stainless-steel watch straps and other watch bands away from dirt, harsh UV rays, and any other type of pollutions that could damage the straps.