Classical timepieces that will look great around your wrists, analog watches are your perfect companion! Read more about analogue watches here !

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Top Analogue Watches Price List 2021

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Seiko SNZF17K1 RM 1,023.75 Shopee
Casio V002L LTP Watch RM 52.90 Shopee
Casio V002L MTP Watch RM 59.00 Shopee
Casio LTP 1241D Watch 1ADF Black RM 78.65 Shopee
SKMEI 1274 RM 41.53 Shopee
Casio V002L MTP Watch 7B2 Brown RM 57.00 Shopee
Casio LTP 1241D Watch 7A2 White RM 67.50 Shopee
Casio LTP 1241D Watch RM 67.50 Shopee
Casio V002L MTP Watch 1B Black RM 59.75 Lazada
Casio V001L MTP Watch 1B Black RM 60.00 Lazada
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Seiko SNZF17K1

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Analogue Watches In Malaysia

Contrary to popular opinion, the analogue watches actually are easier to read at a glance as the positioning of these hands are much easier to interpret than a digital display that usually shows anything that is based on four rectangular digits. In addition, this can be explained through watching the movement of the sweeping hand around a dial in order to determine more accurate passage of time. Besides, there is always something about the slow ticking of the analogue mind that mysteriously relaxes your mind.

Analogue Watches - The Classy Way

People always have misconception about analogue watches because they have been said to be outdated and out of style. However, it is quite surprising to find that analogue watches are still relevant and have its own attractions since you can find loads of them in the market now. Not only that, there is still a strong demand and interest in the analogue watches. In other words, analogue watches are still wonderfully beautiful and reliable as well as being the accessory that you can wear at anytime. Evoking timeless and ageless elegance, the analogue watches are definitely the classical timepieces that you can wear without any worry or fear that you are outdated or out-of-fashion. If you want to be classy and sophisticated, an analogue watch will be the perfect accessory to channel such expression of splendid splendour!

Analogue Watches - Why You Should Wear One

Wearing an analogue watch is still being seen as an appropriate choice in many settings. The analogue watches are definitely the treasures that you will love to enjoy wearing because they eventually will be part of your personality.

Wearable Art - When you choose to wear an analogue watch, you are actually looking at an aesthetically pleasing timepiece. The analogue watch often showcases exquisite appearances that serve to be incredible masterpieces in complimenting your style, fashion and personality.

Handmade Craftsmanship - This is the amazing thing about the analogue watches as it has been said to be assembled painstakingly by expert craftsmen so that every part will work in perfect unison with others in order to provide accurate timekeeping. A good analogue watch usually boasts high quality workmanship that is critical in making incredible workable watch designs and enables the watch to last longer at the same time. The robust and tough analogue watch will be your fierce and steadfast companion that will keep your time well, no matter the odds.

Top Analogue Watch Brands

Since there is loads of brands that offer analogue watches, it will be very hard and difficult to choose one that you can wear. Thankfully, we have made a list of top analogue watch brands that can help you in getting the perfect analogue watch brands:

  • Blue lans
  • Bulova
  • Casio
  • Casio Edifice
  • Casio Sheen
  • CCCP
  • Christian Dior

Be The Best With Analogue Watches

Even as we strive higher for our ambitions and dreams, the great and mighty analogue watches actually reflect our aspirations. Being exquisite and reliable at the same time, you will find analogue watches are the perfect accessory that you can accessorise easily with any outfit.