“People will stare. Make it worth their while” – Harry Winston

Dressing up is not an easy task. There are just too many things to be taken into consideration, what are you dressing up for, who you are dressing up for, does everything match, and so on before you step out feeling confident in your ensemble. At WAREHOUSE, you never have to worry about your daily ensemble for they bring you the latest dernier cri, giving you a boost in confidence no matter where are! Find out everything WAREHOUSE has to offer here.

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WAREHOUSE Malaysia, keeping a tab on your fashion lifestyle

Everything incredible starts in London. When WAREHOUSE first opened their doors back in 1976 on Duke Street, they had an aim. They wanted to make fashion accessible and easy for everyone on the High Street. As they grew bigger, WAREHOUSE launched their very first catalogue, pages graced by Naomi Campbell, Turlington and even Yasmin in 1985.

When they touched the shores of Asia, Singapore was the first country in South East Asia to welcome them with open arms in 1999. Over the years, Warehouse imagery has been retouched and refined by many aspiring fashion talents like Lucinda Chambers, Kate Phelan, Corrine Day and Jessica Miller, Charlotte Stockdale, Norman Parkinson, Steve Hiett and Peter Lindberg, allowing them to grow their portfolio while building their own brand image both for the company and their customers.

Since the beginning up to this very day, WAREHOUSE has been editing fashion for the modern women’s urban lifestyle. In style, in work, in play in life, Warehouse is with you every step of the way.

Warehouse Malaysia: When all else fails, dresses to the rescue

Dresses are indeed the best thing that was ever created for the ladies. An extremely versatile piece of clothing, dresses allows us to embrace our femininity. Bid farewell to the early morning headache of looking for a perfectly matched ensemble. No matter if you are curvy, petite or with a Kardashian silhouette, there are cuts for everyone.

At WAREHOUSE, you can try different type of looks, 70’s, rustic vintage, modern, sexy, babydoll, casual, formal and even glittering evening wear that will surely fit your unique personality and style.

WAREHOUSE’s Savior in disguise

Winter is quickly approaching and all you want to do is wrap yourself in a thick, soft, comfy comforter. But when you step out, denim is your best replacement. WAREHOUSE has always been dedicated to the denim dress. Everything about it is fascinating, from its eternal shade that blends well with all colors and prints to designs that fit all-size-all-shape.

If you are still looking for a denim dress to invest in, WAREHOUSE has just the piece for you. It’s a spectacular design, slim cut and feminine, with a dark wash and just the perfect dash of vintage feel to it. Their denim dress is the hero in disguise for all your style dilemmas.

It does not come as a surprise that Alexa Chung is their modern denim icons. Since she has been asked to put her name on it, she is after all, pretty good with denim. Even when you thought that Alexa is done with all her denim collection styling wise, she surprises everyone with her signature look in the denim dress. From the most simple shirt styles, cute pinafores to oversized blousons, Chung is your ultimate denim girl.

WAREHOUSE Malaysia AW 15 style collection

Summer is long gone and it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul! To be ahead of the style set, set your eye of the new autumn/winter 15 collection that are slowly making their way into the stores. The fad that showcased during the fashion week are seeping into the high streets. Be in the frontline of your accessories game with WAREHOUSE as they bring you the latest report from the AW15 collection.

From prestigious capes of the finest prints to the finishing touches that can take make or break an outfit in less than 2 seconds, WAREHOUSE breakdown the must have accessories that will surely take deliver you into the new season, all glammed up!

The Anywhere-Anytime Bag
For the AW 15, this bag is the ultimate essential. The marsala shade (the tone of the crossbody bag) will give your look a more warmth feel, no matter where or when.
The latest Cover-Up
Give your blanket scarf a whole new look. Belting it up would give your silhouette a more structured look or you can just use it as a casual layering for your day in, day out activities.

The Tote to Tote

Are you always on the go? Your schedule filled with meeting and appointments? Then this is the quintessential accessory for you, carrying everything you need with a modern, urban vibe.
The Dramatic Flair
When you are facing the i-have-nothing-to-wear mornings, even your most basic style can be taken to a whole new level with the over-dyed 100% Mongolian wool scarf in less than 5 minutes.
The Go-To Boot
Sky high, stilettos are so last season! Say hello to the hero boot with a suede finishing and hardware detailing. Black with edgy buckles, this footwear will surely be your first choice this season.
The Little Black Bag
Proving to be just as important as any little black dresses (LBD), the LBB the modern women’s basic wardrobe essential. The tassel details adds a 70s vibe to it, and its structured and simple design is perfect for the office to a night out look.
The Perfect Cover Up
For the days when your hair is just off, the weather is off, the fedora hat is the most glorious creation ever! Dive into this season’s latest color such as navy, black or grey to keep it classic.