Ice cream Walls is a staple snack for a lot of Malaysians ever since they were little. The nostalgic memory of the Wall’s ice cream truck is a fond one for many. Find out more about Walls ice cream Malaysia and their dessert selections in the article below.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Walls Ice Cream Malaysia

Wall’s might be a popular ice cream brand in Malaysia, but it has origins in the United Kingdom. It carries a wide range of ice cream in a variety of flavours. Aside from the regular chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, expect novelty flavours such as mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and more from Wall’s ice cream.

Wall’s Magnum

Wall’s Magnum ice creams are marketed as a more luxurious and sophisticated dessert. Magnum products come in a stick form in two sizes: regular and minis. Magnum ice creams are available in the flavours of Classic - a vanilla ice cream with a layer of chocolate coating, Almond, Cherry Blossom, and more.

Due to its popularity, Magnum opened up dessert shops across the region for a more formal dine-in experience. There, you can enjoy Magnum ice creams topped with delicious toppings and sauces.

Wall’s Cornetto

Cornetto is an ice cream brand everyone is familiar with. While it operates under the Wall’s brand, Cornetto hails from Italy and its name means “little horn” in Italian. These ice creams in a cone have a variety of flavours including mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, vanilla, double chocolate, unicorn, and so much more.

Just like Magnum, Cornetto’s popularity is unparalleled. It made cameos in well-known British comedy movies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and World’s End. In turn, these movies are called the Cornetto trilogy by the filmmakers.

Wall’s Paddle Pop

If you grew up in Malaysia with a sweet tooth, Paddle Pop must’ve been your favourite ice creams. Marketed towards children, Paddle Pop carries ice cream products with fun shapes and flavours. Some examples would be Paddle Pop Minions Caramel Chocolate, Melon Slice, Paddle Pop Tornado, Paddle Pop Mini Fruity, and Paddle Pop Rainbow. Paddle Pop ice creams are usually sold by the ice cream trucks that would pass by outside of schools.