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Walkera drones in Malaysia

The world of drones – a vast, endless space for thousands of opportunities. Unmanned aerial flight has changed the world in ways we cannot imagine. From preventing wars and terrorism, to reconnaissance and digital mapping of the world, drones have been a pivotal part of the process. Today, drones are not just for the military. Anyone can own a drone at an affordable price. Among the drones in the market today, the more technologically advanced drones come in the form of Walkera drones. Walkera drones top the scale when it comes to mechanics and aerial flight. What’s best is that today you can get this very technology in the palm of your hands. With Walkera online store at iprice, you can choose from a variety of drones and drone accessories to customize, repair and modify to your performance preferences. Find out more with the links below or browse the products above.

Walkera history: A small company taking to flight

Walkera’s beginnings started more than 20 years ago in 1994. The company had a vision for the future to develop, produce and market aerial products and their technology. Walkera also focused on research and advancement in agriculture, fire protection, land resources and energy fields among other things. The Chinese owned company started off as Walkera Technology Co., Ltd. but is more commonly known as Walkera. Walkera later went on to own two sub-brands in North America and Europe. Currently, Walkera technology is sold to over 100 countries all over the world. The most common Walkera products are its drone and remote controlled flying vehicles in most parts of the world. Today Walkera is one of the leading names in drones. Think drones, think Walkera.

Taking unmanned flight to greater heights – Walkera

If you’re interested in looking into the field of aerial robotics and aerial unmanned flight, you’ve come to the right place! Walkera’s breakthroughs in the science of aerial photography has made become every drone company’s envy. Nowadays, Walkera leads the way in the field of remote controlled reconnaissance video and robotics. Some of Walkera’s greatest inventions are as follows:

  • Aerial drones
  • Racing drones
  • Gimbal & camera
  • Remote-controllers

Each category of Walkera products has a variety of merchandise that put a smile on your face. For a more general look on Walkera products, check out Walkera electronics. Or if you’re more into photography, check out Walkera camera & photo products. Consider Walkera drones as an investment that will bring you much profit in the form of joy and excitement. Quality workmanship with intricate robotics in the detailing will help you get ahead in the competition while opening your window to the world. Although Walkera’s price tag may be high for some to afford, it is worth every penny. What’s better, Walkera products on iprice are discounted, so you know you are saving big time when you shop online.

Let’s look in a bit more detail at some of Walkera’s product selections.

Walkera Aerial Drones

Walkera aerial drones are not to be confused with racing drones. Aerial drones come in all shapes and sizes. Made more for higher altitude, Walkera aerial drones are used mainly to snap stunning bird’s eye view photos of the geographical landscape. Unlike Walkera racing drones, aerial drones are slightly bulkier than their counterparts. Some of Walkera aerial drone models are:

  • Voyager 3 Gopro
  • QR X350 Premium
  • TALI H500
  • Scout X4

Walkera Racing Drones

Here’s where the fun starts! Walkera racing drones give you a world of adventure in the sky. Made to zip from one end of the atmosphere to the other, Walkera racing drones are streamlined for action. Defying the laws of gravity with stunning aerial acrobatics, Walkera racing drones can perform flips, 90-degree bends and insane manoeuvres mid-air. They also come in interesting colours. Some of Walkera racing drones are as follows:

  • F210 3D
  • Rodeo 150
  • Runner 250 (C)
  • Furious 320
  • Runner 250 (R)

Why everyone wants a drone

Having a drone is super cool! Everyone wants one. Bring it on you vacay when you hit the beach or when climbing the top of the mountain and get an indescribable 360o view on your surroundings. Capture vivid moments from the skies in full HD with the added fun of piloting a machine in the air.