If you want to know how it feels like to walk on soft, fluffy clouds, all you have to do is plant your feet in a pair of WAKAi Shoes. Their shoes are known to offer comfort and style. Click here to find out more about the amazing range of WAKAi shoes.


WAKAi Shoes Malaysia, for the dynamic and young spirits

If given a choice at any time of the day, we, both men and women would willingly give up our not so comfortable pair of shoes, no matter if it is the most beautiful red soles stilettos from Christian Louboutin or a pair of elegant calfskin dress shoes from Giorgio Armani for a pair of comfortable, soft slip-on. And the one brand that comes to mind when this easy going pair of footwear is mentioned is obviously WAKAi.

WAKAi-pairing style with comfort

Hailing all the way from Japan, WAKAi ライフスタイル (pronounced as WAKAi Raifustairu) is a brand that means “Young Lifestyle”. It was mainly created to satiate the lifestyle of the young, dynamic spirited individuals. The shoes that they create are expertly crafted with passion and dedication and also greatly infused with the Japanese inspiration. Their range of footwear embodies the modern look without leaving out the rich Japanese cultural heritage. In each of their creation, even the smallest detail tells a story about WAKAi.

The spirit of WAKAi is defined by five letters, S-M-A-R-T, with each letter representing the different aspect of their brand. Sports, Music, Art, Retail, and Technology is spade of their collections, activities and brand identity. This unique combination of the modern world infused with the Japanese culture aims to bring a very interesting inspiration to the fashion industry all over the world with mainly their range of unique, comfortable slip-ons.

WAKAi Malaysia – The remake of a classic

Everywhere you go, you would see 3 of WAKAi’s most prominent styles.

  • Classic – One way to set apart the classic collection is by looking at their solid vibrant colours. The shoes in this collection is available in a variety of one-toned colour, two-toned colour and three-toned colour.
  • Stamp – In the Stamp collection, each of their shoes are crafted with a unique twist. This collection is filled with the most updated patterns and graphic that will surely give a boost to your simplest looks.
  • Fashion – This collection features a more detailed variation which might come in the form of material mixing and the applique.

WAKAi Shoes - The perfect anatomy

What makes the slip-ons from WAKAi one of the most comfortable pair of shoe you have ever owned? It all boils down to the 6 different parts in their shoe structure.

  • Elastic Upper Rubber – The elastic triangle gives a flexibility to your foot when wearing the footwear.
  • Lightweight Upper Lid – Constructed using 12oz canvas which provides a breathable surface, comfort and durability.
  • Rounded Backtag – The genuine leather backtag complements the footwear as WAKAi’s brand trademark.
  • Double Pad Sponge – it ensures double the comfort for their users.
  • Sustainable T-Zone Outsole – designed to sustain the weight of the user and also maintains the comfort when you are out for a longer time.
  • Comfortable I-Zone

WAKAi Shoes Malaysia – Styling it up with WAKAi

Here are some of WAKAi’s bestselling shoes, the ones that are loved by nearly everyone all over the world.

  • WAKAi Saltillo Black For Men
  • WAKAi Zamora Maroon For Men
  • WAKAi Jalieza Maroon For Men
  • WAKAi Jalieza Forest Green For Men
  • WAKAi Machito Blue For Women
  • WAKAi Oaxaca Forest For Women
  • WAKAi Toluca Green For Women
  • WAKAi Mujeres Blue For Women
  • WAKAi Acapulco Purple For Women
  • WAKAi Saltillo Maroon for Women

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