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Wahl Grooming Technology in Malaysia

The name Wahl should bring to mind a myriad of personal grooming and pet care electronics. Not too long from the discovery of electricity, Wahl products have made history through ingenious innovations and advancements in science and technology. From Wahl clippers to massagers, Wahl electrical products have brought ease and simplicity to everyday activities. Get a load of the hundreds of Wahl gear in the market today and you can be on your way to a life of convenience and luxury. Today, with the added benefit of online shopping, you can purchase Wahl electronics in Malaysia from the luxury of your home. Check out the Wahl online store on iprice for a better variety of merchandise to choose from!

History in the making – Wahl’s upcoming

The story of a small town kid who invented innovative technologies to become someone of the most famous people in the world is all too familiar. So is the story of the man behind Wahl’s success. Leo J. Wahl developed a vibrating medical massager (ladies, don’t get any naughty thoughts just yet) when he was in high school. Experimenting with electromagnetic motors, Leo went on to develop electronic hair clippers as the need for them during that period of time was vital. With the subsequent patents marked on his technology, Leo was able to harness the power of electric energy to make appliances that would shape today’s future. Among some of the revolutionary milestones Wahl has achieved include the following:

1940’s – The expansion of Wahl’s product line to professional barbers and beauticians, followed by the boom of sales in certain products such as the Wahl Silent Dryer.

1950’s – as demand for more electronic clippers increased throughout the world, Wahl’s reputation as a maker of grooming electronics. Then the passing of a legend in 1957, Leo J. Wahl passes away.

1960’s – the company began manufacturing its Vac Clipper which changed the face of grooming forever.

1970’s – the 1970’s were a time of hardships for the company as workers went on strikes as a series of labour problems came hit hard. Progress came in the form of rechargeable batteries for each Wahl product. Later in 1975, the company developed foot massagers and back massagers too.

1980’s and ‘90s – in 1984, the line of Groomsman trimmers was developed and is still widely used all over the world till today. Global expansion saw the company spread across the world. With its reach expanding, Wahl is now called Wahl Clipper Corporation.

Today, Wahl is one of the biggest names in grooming tools and continues to outperform the competition. Let’s look at more Wahl products that you could get your hands on and some reasons why you should.

Professional Barbers and Hairstylists Love Wahl

A quick Google search will show you exactly why professional barbers and hairstylists all over the world love Wahl clippers, trimmers and hair grooming products. Wahl’s precision in grooming tools makes for the perfect gear to style and makeover anyone. The beauty of Wahl is not only its precision, but the ability to custom all your tools under one brand. To start off with, Wahl Pro line of grooming tools is a perfect choice. Check out the Wahl Cordless Clippers like the Cordless 8591 trimmer. It comes with 8 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush and a blade guard. With over 90 minutes running time and 1005 standard blade made to fit all Wahl guards, this sleek trimmer will bring you up to speed on all the tricks of the trade.

Here are more of the top choices of Wahl clippers professionals prefer:

  • Wahl Pilot
  • Wahl Designer
  • Wahl Icon
  • Wahl Chromstyle
  • Wahl Senior
  • Wahl Pro Basic
  • Wahl Super Taper
  • Wahl Taper 2000
  • Wahl Vac Senior

All these reasons make Wahl irresistible to professionals all over the world. But Wahl is not just for the pros, anyone can use Wahl clippers and grooming tools.

Wahl for Men

Gentlemen, are your facial hairs misbehaving? Envy other men with a neat, evenly-spread stubble across their face? Well, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to shave it all off now. Simply get your hands on the best in Wahl shavers made with you in mind. Decades of research into men’s facial hair growth and the best methods to groom it has made Wahl trimmers the ideal choice. Let us at iprice simplify it for you. Check out Wahl for men page to get a large range of Wahl’s products for men. If you’re not sure, you could choose Wahl products by series. Some of Wahl’s best series for men are:

  • Wahl Big Mag
  • Wahl Nugget
  • Wahl Cordless Sterling 4
  • Wahl Sterling 9
  • Wahl Reflections Senior
  • Wahl Eclipse
  • Wahl Li+ Pro
  • Wahl Stinger

Wahl for Everyone!

Did you know Wahl also makes products for relaxation and even pet grooming? Wahl is famous for making personal massagers and pain relief appliances which are the best therapy you could get at home. You don’t need to spend hundreds hiring a masseuse when you have Wahl massagers. Relieve muscle aches after a long day at work or after a heavy workout. You also get pet grooming tools from Wahl’s collection. Get a load of pet trimmers, brushes, hair clippers, bath soaps and teeth products for your pets. Groom your doggies with Wahl’s range of pet grooming tools. You can also gain tips from experts on pet grooming from Wahl’s website so you can provide better for your four-legged friends.

Well, now that you know more about Wahl, it’s time to get shopping. Check out iprice’s range of Wahl products above to save big time. Wahl product prices can vary between RM45.00 to RM560.00. You might like the most popular Wahl products which are available in Black. You can shop for Wahl products and get discounts up to 76% off only on iprice! Wahl has top selling products like the 2171 Hair Heavy Duty Clipper and the famous Groomsman Pro All-in-one Rechargeable Grooming Kit (#9860-700) that are all you need for your grooming. Shop on iprice Malaysia and save on Wahl products today.