Toys are not just meant for entertainment; they can provide the best learning solution for your kids as well. Check out a wide range of VTech Educational Toys to make learning a fun activity!


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VTech Malaysia – The best educational toys in Malaysia

  • VTech Toys – When technology meets education
  • Get VTech Toys for your child’s healthy development
  • VTech Malaysia’s prestigious brands

VTech Toys – When technology meets education

With the advancement of technology, we all have greater access to information as well as simplify our lives. This including the support from electronic devices to children’s learning process. By combining technology with toys and other educational tools, our kids now can have more fun while exploring the world of knowledge.

In the market that is full of vague product’s origination, there is one brand you can always trust, which is VTech. Started in Hong Kong, VTech formed itself as the brand specialized in producing school supplies and learning materials and tools for children up to pre-school age. VTech is not only reputable in its local market but also highly appreciated by users across the globe.

VTech Kids products line include:

  • Educational Toys
  • Electronic Learning products
  • Baby monitor

Get VTech Toys for your child’s healthy development

VTech learning equipment is the brand’s most highly rated products line. They are developed by a team of professional Research and Development team with constant improvement on technology to ensure the exceptional standard. VTech always keeps up with the industry’s latest trends and innovation and they launch over 100 products annually.

VTech is reputable for a broad range of educational toys that are suitable for infant, toddler and preschool kids. Depending on your child’s age as well as your teaching focuses, you can select the best VTech products to fit their needs. In general, VTech are made to ensure the following skills and knowledge development:

  • Cognition: To boost a child’s ability to memorise things faster and longer through logic games.
  • Sense of discovery: To trigger a child’s curiosity and urge them to explore the surroundings.
  • Imagination: From exploration, a child will be exposed to the real world and develop their creativity from observing new things.
  • Linguistic: Kids will get to familiarize themselves with the sound and order of the alphabet to steadily develop language knowledge that can prepare them for school later on.
  • Vocal Music: Toys that produce sound will help the kid to develop musical sensitivity.
  • Reading skill: VTech develops reading toys that help to enhance the fluency as well as speed for children from early stage. You can also guide them to read with reflective expression to improve overall speaking skill.
  • Mathematic skill: At the same time when your child starts to interact with the alphabet, introduce to them basic maths so that they can learn how to count and read number effectively before entering school.
  • Problem Solving skill: The most practical way to boost a child’s thinking ability is to get them experience situation that requires problem solving skill through toys.

Besides all the above, VTech products also act as parents’ tools to assist children in learning. Get the range of VTech hardware products like:

  • Kidizoom Smartwatch that boasts built-in camera and apps for entertainment.
  • DigiGo is a basic smart device that you can use for keeping in touch with your kid with only necessary apps as compared to adult’s phones to avoid addiction.
  • Inno TV with wireless controller for a better educational channel for the family.

With VTech digital education toys, parents can rest assured that your children will have the best exposure to the advanced technology while still making sure the effective learning ability through fun activities.

Let’s not forget about the fun part with VTech Toys! Boost a child’s creativity with VTech’s Go! Go! Smart products collection by enabling them to role play. Baby girls will also love the Flipsies dolls collection for a complete interactive role-playing session.

VTech Malaysia’s prestigious brands

Under the name of VTech, there is a variety of sub brands specialized in different product categories as below:

  • For Tablets and Gaming
    • Inno Tab
    • Inno TV
  • Learning resources (Android apps)
  • Baby Monitors
    • Video Baby unit
    • Video Parent unit
  • Learning Toys
    • Kidizoom Action Cam
    • Kidizoom Smart watch
  • Go! Go! Smart collections
  • Baby Amaze

Why you should choose VTech for your kid’s learning process

Ever since its establishment in 1976, VTech always strived to produce top-notch learning toys and electronic devices for kids through continuous research and development. With some remarkable innovations in the industry, VTech is currently the top brand of its kind and it has won numerous awards in recognition of the sustainable development as well as trust from customers across the globe.

  • 2013 Best Toys of the Year for Inno Tab 3s
  • 2013 Most Wanted Holiday List for Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset and Switch & Go Dinos
  • Rewarded the Best Toy Award by several organizations for the 2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset
  • 100 Best Toys of 2012 for MobiGo 2
  • Best Toys for Babies for Alphabet Activity Cube
  • Best Toys of the Year for Roll & Learn Turtle

Above are only some of countless more recognized awards for VTech’s baby educational toys and learning resources. If there is anything you can rely on to provide for your kids with world-class learning tools, it has to be VTech! Do visit their website to download extra learning apps for your kids’ Inno Tabs for a better playing and learning time!