If you are in a band, a solo artist, or generally into music and sound production, Vox is a brand that you have used and encountered during practice and performances. Take a quick look at their selection of products and find out why Vox Malaysia is the choice for many famous musicians below.


Vox Malaysia - the Choice for Musicians Since the 1940's

For musicians, audio quality is the most important aspect of an instrument or any electronics hooked up to it. Without a good quality effects pedal or amplifier (especially for guitarists and bassists), the right sound is nowhere near audible without these gadgets. Providing you with everything you need to play and produce your own music, Vox Malaysia takes you on an exciting musical journey with their exciting line of products!

About Vox Malaysia

Recognized for their amplifiers and effects pedals, Vox Malaysia was initially known as the Jennings Organ Company in Dratford, Kent, England where they created the "Univox" which is an early rendition of a self-powered electronic keyboard similar to the Clavioline. However, it wasn't until 1959 when they made a worldwide success with their AC30 amplifier which helped produce the sound of the British Invasion used by iconic bands such as the Beatles, Queen, and the Rolling Stones - bands that every music lover just can't get enough of.

Aside from their amplifiers, Vox also has a series of instruments which are not far off from their line of products. The brand's first line of electric guitars are called the Apache and Clubman which were modelled after solid-body, bolt-necked Fenders which were not available in the UK at that time. What made their guitars unique is their unusual TV-connector input jacks which was produced by a cabinet maker in Shoeburyness, Essex. Other great guitars from Vox include the Phantom series which was used by the Echoes, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.

Moreover, the brand also has a selection of bass guitars, organs, keyboards, and the unique GuitarOrgan which was introduced in 1966. The brand also has a selection of effects pedals that can be customized and combined together to create a unique sound for your bass or electric guitar

Iconic and exceptional sound quality, Vox is perfect for artists on any skill level whether you're an amateur or a pro. If you love sound recording and/or playing music in general, choose Vox for all your electronic and amplifier needs.

Exciting Products from Vox Malaysia


From the brand that created the iconic AC30 which brought upon the British invasion in music, Vox has an array of amplifiers for guitars and basses. The brand has a selection of amp series that would suti your sound preferences such as the Custom Series, VT+ Series, Handwired Series, Black Cab Series, and so much more!


Though not as popular as their effects and amps, the brand also has a selection of Vox guitars which are both unique and exceptional. One of which is the Starstream which is a fresh take to the term "electric guitar". It features nine banks of instruments, with three variations in each plus two user banks to store six different sounds. Another great thing about this Vox guitar is the exclusively developed AREOS-D System which uses the guitar's magnetic pickup to create accurate and realistic electric guitar sounds.


Vox revolves around creativity and imagination, especially with their selection of guitar effects. From raw acoustic sounds to gear-grinding metal, to funky wah's, Vox guitar effects has your back. The brand has single and multi-effects pedals to choose from!


Aside from their exciting array of products, Vox Malaysia also has a selection of accessories for your musical pleasures. The brand has a great array of foot switches, cables, headphone amps, tuners, and so much more!

Artists with Vox

Regardless of your genre or skill level, Vox delivers premium sound quality that you can't achieve from other brands. Experience world-class sound production and play until your heart's content with Vox! From their iconic background, Vox is a brand trusted by many famous artists such as:

  • Brian May (Queen)
  • Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco)
  • Echosmith
  • Wayne Sermon (Imagine Dragons)
  • Nick Wheeler (All American Rejects)
  • Paul Mccartney (Beatles)
  • Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters)
  • Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)
  • Rob Ackroyd (Florence and the Machine)
  • Vic Flick
  • Matt Stevens (Esperanza Spalding)
  • Hozier
  • Grace Potter
  • Jerry Donahue
  • Guthrie Trapp
  • Hunter Hayes
  • Jake Snider (Minus the Bear)
  • Elvis Costello
  • Albert Hammond Jr. (the Strokes)

Whether you're starting out with music as a hobby or a professional, Vox deserves a place in your collection of instruments and gadgets. If you are looking for a flexible, good quality, and affordable brand, Vox should definitely make the cut. Take your music production up a notch with Vox musical instruments and accessories here at iPrice!