Are you a fan of the cute Beetle cars of Volkswagen? Did you know that this iconic brand has made more than 21.5 million cars since the brand was founded in 1937? That’s why it’s pretty common to see a Beetle or two on the road. Volkswagen is also currently ranked as the longest produced vehicle in the history of car manufacturing. Here at iPrice, we have yet to offer cars but we have an amazing selection of Volkswagen merchandise line up at our store, look below and pick up your favourite VW tees.


Volkswagen – the 'People's car'

The idea to make a vehicle that could chauffer two adults and three children and maintaining a speed of 100km/h was what started the Volkswagen brand. And the man behind this idea to make the 'People's car', originated from Adolf Hitler. It was the 28th of May 1937 when the “Geselschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagen mbH” company was formed. In the next year, it was renamed “Volkswagenwerk GmbH”. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, people of the city were hired to work in the Volkswagen plant that would be making Hitler's dream car for the average German. Ferdinand Porsche was hired to design the car but then the World War II struck and the plant changed its production to make vehicles with the VW logo for the Third Reich army.

After all the chaos, the Wolfsburg plant went under British control and with Major Ivan Hirst overlooking, workers started to mass produce the Type 1 vehicle which will later be named as the Beetle. The Beetle may have been a more economical motorised car, but it was never cheaply produced. This unibody car is very well sealed, its body built with tight gaps, just a few openings and a very flat floor. The Beetle can even stay afloat for a short amount of time in the water. Hitler’s vision to make the people’s car came true eventually, just much later after the war.

Record holder of 58 years of unchanged production

The eccentrically round shaped Beetle kept true to its original design for more than half of a century of the same production —an amazing 58 years. The legendary beetle model was manufactured from 1938 up to 2003. A record that isn't likely to ever be broken, or even approached by any other car manufacturer. This proves that the Beetle is an iconic and lovable car. With it, Volkswagen is now ranked as the longest produced vehicle in the history of car manufacturing.

Volkswagen’s original base design was such a great model that many car manufacturers also used its base for their cars. Carmakers like Audi, Porsche have modified new cars with the same base by adding their own signature designs to fulfil demands of their respective customers. VW also makes the fastest car on Earth, selling them under its 'Bugatti' badge. The Bugatti Veyron, designed and engineered by VW is making these underpriced cars and losing money with each Veyron sold.

VW also challenges size when manufacturing vehicles as the brand make big trucks and races with them! VW is one of the leading truck/bus manufacturers in southern America. Races involving VW trucks like the Brazilian Formula Truck championship highlights the brand’s commitment to making world-class vehicles.

Herbie the VW Beetle — the Beetle with superstar status

One of the most popular VW Bug paint schemes, white #53, comes from the movies about Herbie. Herbie, the anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle, is a character that is featured in six Disney movies starting with The Love Bug in 1969. Herbie has a mind of his own and is capable of driving himself around, and is a serious contender in auto racing competitions. Movies that featured Herbie were The Love Bug (1969), Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie Goes Bananas, The Love Bug (1997) and Herbie: Fully Loaded, starring Lindsay Lohan. Herbie may look bubbly and cute and sweet, but he is ready to kick some dust up in your eye!

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