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Are you a big fan of Batman because of his ever secretive and mysterious character? Just like the black mask that keeps him a mystery to the citizens of Gotham City, you can also keep yourself a mystery to the people around you not with a Batman mask but with show stopping sunglasses from Vogue. Malaysia is a country that has only one season, the blazing hot sun and a little known fact; the rays radiated from the sun can be harmful to our skin and our eyes. Just like how the sunscreen is designed to protect our skin, the sunglasses is designed to protect our eyes from these harmful rays. With the evolving trends and fashion, sunglasses are used not only for its functionality, but also as an accessory that is a fashion statement by itself. This is what Vogue is all about. With its mysteriousness and its trendy designs, Vogue is a brand you should keep an eye out for.

About Vogue Malaysia

If you love fashion then you surely are no stranger to the ever famous Vogue Magazine. Getting its name from the number one fashion magazine in the world, Vogue does not disappoint in terms of sunglasses that are stylish and a fashion statement by itself. Vogue is part of the Luxottica Group which is one of the largest eyewear companies who owns over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brand. Supplying cool and sophisticated sunglasses that would surely turn heads no matter where you go, Vogue takes your whole to a whole new level, adding class and definition to your overall appearance.

Whether its aviators, oversized, cat-eyes and many more, this brand has every style covered for your every need. If that is not enough for you, you can check out their website and see the elegant and attractive Eva Mendes who is the current ambassador of this label looking all gorgeous and alluring as she rocks these Vogue sunglasses.

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Thanks to the main social media networks, Vogue continues to amaze the world with all their updates. Do follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get all their updates on latest collections, trends, and anything that makes Vogue awesome.