While Victoria's Secret Malaysia is known for its beautiful clothing lines for lingerie, the American brand also carries popular beauty and body care products like lotions, mists, and perfumes. They are best known for creating a line of dazzling and top-notch fragrances perfumes ever. Discover more about Victoria’s Secret perfume Malaysia in the article below.

Which Victoria's Secret perfumes smells the best? | What are the top-selling Victoria's Secret perfumes? | Are Victoria's Secret perfumes long-lasting?


Everything you need to know about Victoria Secret Perfumes Malaysia

This American lingerie empire and fashion house are revered around the world for its collection of undergarments and beauty products. The name Victoria’s Secret is now synonymous with women liberation ever since the VS fashion show started airing.

The fashion show introduced us to the angels, who aren’t just simply models but also spokespeople for the brand. With Victoria s Secret perfumes in addition to your VS lingeries, you can be a part of that liberation no matter where you are. Check out the fragrance collections from Victoria’s Secret below.

Which Victoria's Secret perfumes smells the best?

The best smelling perfume is Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum. Released in September 2010 and created by Adriana Medina-Baez and Mark Knitowski, this award-winning iconic fresh fruity floral Eau de Parfum has top notes of tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, and passionfruit.

It also has middle notes of jasmine, red berries, lily of the valley, peony, and vanilla orchid. This best-selling perfume has base notes of musk, wood, and oakmoss. It's sweet but not overly sweet, versatile in any occasion and age. As one of the most popular scents, Bombshell is not only available in the Eau de Parfum format, but also in mist, rollerball, lotion, body cream, and dry oil cream.

What are the top-selling Victoria's Secret perfumes?

Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Perhaps the brand’s most popular in the perfume market, the Victoria's Secret Bombshell has a citrus and floral scent. It has top notes of passionfruit, grapefruit, pineapple, tangerine and big strawberry. For the middle notes, VS uses peony, vanilla orchid, red berries, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley. The base notes comprise musk, wood, and oakmoss.

Heavenly Eau de Parfum

Launched in 2014, this Victoria's Secret Heavenly Eau de parfum has a more woody and powdery scent when compared to the Bombshell. It has notes of white musk, vanilla, lotus, freesia, sandalwood, and white peony which bring out a more classic and elegant feel. Victoria's Secret Heavenly is available in perfume, fragrance mist, and body care products. This oriental perfume is better suited for day time use or in warmer temperatures, it can last 4-5 hours.

Tease Eau de Parfum

Another floral and fruity fragrance, Tease Eau de parfum was released in 2018. It has top notes of pear, lychee, mandarin orange, and red apple. For the middle notes, Victoria’s Secret incorporated scents of gardenia, jasmine, freesia, magnolia, and cyclamen. For the base notes, you can expect to find scents of vanilla, benzoin, mush, chocolate, amber, and sandalwood.

Bombshell Seduction Eau de Parfum

This Bombshell Seduction is a simple oriental fragrance featuring notes of tuberose, white peony, sage and musk. The scent is not overwhelmingly strong with low sillage, give you a breezy air-like feel. Recommend to wear this Bombshell Seduction for the occasions where you have to be at close distance with others.

Eau So Sexy Eau de Parfum

Eau So Sexy Eau de Parfum is another fruity and floral fragrance from Victoria’s Secret. Launched in 2019, Eau So Sexy has notes of various fruits, apples, vanilla, and whipped cream. It is light, fresh, and a longer-lasting alternative to a fragrance mist.

Very Sexy Night Eau de Parfum

The Very Sexy Night Eau de Parfum is a fruity and woody fragrance released in 2019. It has fragrance notes of apple, plum, and wood. It is also available in the forms of mist, lotion, and rollerball.

Wicked Eau de Parfum

Wicked is a sweet vanilla perfume released by Victoria’s Secret in 2017. It has freesia as the top note, brown sugar as the middle note and Tahitian vanilla as the base note. The Wicked Eau de Parfum is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

Love Eau de Parfum

Love Eau de Parfum was launched in 2017 and it has a powdery, floral, and fresh fruity scent. It has a top note of juniper, a middle note of apricot and apricot blossom, and a base note of cotton flower to emulate the scent of fresh laundry. This Love Eau de Parfum scent is also available in a mist, rollerball, lotion, body wash, and cream forms.

Dream Angels Divine Eau De Parfum

This Dream Angels perfume possesses a blend of sandalwood, amber, cyclamen, musk and jasmine. It is delicate and feminine, recommend for young women and girls that suited for casual wear. This dream angel scent also offers moderate sillage and decent longevity.

Bombshell Intense Eau de Parfum

Bombshell Intense is a new version of the original Bombshell Fragrance collection in 2019, available in a bright red bottle. This chypre-fruity-floral scent with the keynotes of lush cherry, red peony, and sultry vanilla.

Are Victoria's Secret perfumes good?

Victoria’s Secret perfumes have a simple yet classic and timeless formula. Although not as pricey as other luxury perfumes like Dior Sauvage, Jo Malone, Chloe, or Chanel, the quality is still of high standards.

Are Victoria's Secret perfumes long-lasting?

As one of the best-selling perfumes from Victoria’s Secret, Bombshell is one of the fragrances that can last you a whole day. Despite being long-lasting, the scent is not too overbearing so you would be able to layer it slowly throughout the day. Every scent has different longevity, in general, most of their fragrances known to last for at least 5-6 hours. The trick to make your perfume products last longer is to spray on your pulse points located on the wrist, behind the ears, and the chest area.

What is Victoria Secret perfumes price in Malaysia?

The price of Victoria’s Secret perfume varies on the collection, the size of the bottle, and the formulation. For instance, Victoria’s Secret perfume or Eau de parfum would cost more than the body mist. This is because Eau de parfum typically lasts longer when sprayed on the body. You also don’t need to reapply or re-spray your perfume as often as you would a body mist.

Another factor that affects the price point is the collection. For instance, the Bombshell Eau de parfum can be more expensive due to its popularity and reputation compared to other perfumes. A Bombshell perfume in a 100ml bottle is also more expensive than the 50ml packaging.

Do Victoria Secret Perfumes go on sales?

Victoria Secret will have Semi-Annual Sales twice a year, between June and December. The dates for the Semi-Annual Sales vary slightly each year, but they consistently last a few days less than a month and normally take place in June or July (Summer sale) and Christmas Day through January (Winter sale).

Does Victoria Secret give birthday gifts?

Yes, you will need to apply and be approved for the Angel Card Credit Card to take advantage of FREE Birthday Offer. Once you are an Angel Card Holder (or an Angel VIP or Angel Forever Card Holder), you will receive a FREE voucher reward.

Where can I buy Victoria’s Secret perfume and fragrances?

Head on over to Victoria’s Secret store near you. There, not only can you find their extensive lingerie line, but you can also find accessories and beauty products including perfume and fragrances. Alternatively, you could also purchase Victoria’s Secret products online through stores like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora.

When buying Victoria’s Secret products online, be aware of fake or counterfeit items. Always ask for proof of authenticity or familiarise yourself with the differences between original and fake VS products.