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Venom Malaysia – Pure Gaming Lust That Is Burning Within You

People have always wondered about how someone can that excited in gaming. As the gaming itself is a pure pursuit of passion and pleasure, a gamer definitely requires an awesome gaming gear in order to elevate that gaming experience into another level. In other words, gaming gear ensures that your gaming experience does not get wasted due to poor quality gaming gear.

Thanks to Venom Malaysia, you will be able to enjoy your gaming experience to its fullest. Its gaming products provide the necessary boost in fueling your gaming potential. At the end of day, you just need to savor the sweet victory of your games with your awesome Venom gaming gear.

About Venom & How It Infect The Whole Gaming World

Based in United Kingdom, Venom was established as early as 1999 with the burning desire in redefining premium quality gaming accessories. Talking about redefining gaming products, Venom is all about creating affordable gaming gear that transforms your gaming experience to be more amazing. In addition, the Venom design team has been very dedicated in building gaming accessories that enhances your gaming experience in terms of playability and performance. Just as great game can be that contagious in keeping you awake in gaming, so too Venom gaming gear proves to be infectious in transforming your gaming performance to be more powerful.

Being In Touch With Tomorrow

Offering Solid & Reliable Gaming Experience

Venom makes sure that all of its products are tested rigorously so that they can withstand harsher punishments. Thanks to durability of Venom gaming products, they will be less prone to wear and tear. This is because Venom wants to ensure that its gaming accessories to be long-lasting so that you can enjoy using them in a long run. At the same time, you do not have to waste money and time in fixing or even replacing them.

Real Gamers Use Proven Products

Emphasizing affordability, Venom gaming accessories are very popular among gamers who also appreciate their roles in enhancing the gameplay. It is pretty rare to see a brand that is able to merge affordability and quality into one single package for gamers. Embodying such perfect blend, Venom ensures that its products will be the preferred choice by the people. At the same time, Venom proves that it does not have to compromise on quality when designing affordable gaming gear.

Gaming Experience That Will Never Died

Venom gaming products have been designed with the specific purpose of amplifying your gaming experience so that you will be able to immerse fully in your gameplay. Not only that, even your mind and body remember how excited you are in having that splendid gaming experience that will never end. When you have tried and tasted Venom gaming products, you will come back for more exciting gaming experience!

Providing Venomous Performance That Is Lethal To Your Enemies

Undeniably, the reason for you to get a proper gaming gear is that you will be able to win your game and defeat your opponents more effectively. While many gaming brands take the approach in maximizing performance of gaming products in order to enhance the gaming power of a player, it is still not enough. One thing that separates Venom products from the rest is that all of them are designed to keep your gaming momentum on the roll. As your gaming momentum can be maintained throughout your gameplay, this gives you significant advantages over your opponents. The bite from Venom gaming gear turns out to be deadly to your enemies.

Exceptional Venom Products For All Gamers

Venom Sony PS4 Products
Designing specialized gaming gear for you to play with Sony PS4, Venom makes sure that your gaming experience with one of the most popular gaming consoles will be amazing.

Venom Controller Kit

Designed to be compatible with Sony PS4, this Venom controller kit offers comfortable gaming experience for long period of time. In other words, it is crafted with ergonomics in mind. Offering This means you are able to play for a very long time without getting tired at all!

The ergonomically designed textured grips on the controller and analog stick give you that extra grip and comfort that you need when it comes to enjoying your game for hours. Not only that, you will able to enjoy better gaming performance as the Venom controller kit maximizes your comfort level. In addition, the enhanced grips prove to be useful so that you can play your game more effectively as they do not slip out of your hands easily. (There is no room for disappointment when you are giving your best gaming performance!)

Venom Dual Charging Stand & Battery Packs

Venom designs this exclusive Venom Dual Charging Stand for you to enjoy your PS4 gaming fully. Boasting such super sleek design, the Venom Dual Charging Stand is truly amazing as it works well with Sony PS4. This space-saving design makes it easier for you to put it in your living room or even smaller room. Not only that, it also means that it is easy to carry it around.

With the Venom Dual Charging Stand, you will able to store and charge even two Sony DualShock wireless controllers at the same time. As it also comes with two Li-Poly rechargeable battery packs, it offers up to 18 hours of additional gameplay.

Venom Xbox One Products
Not forgetting about the incredible Xbox One, Venom also crafts great gaming gear for you to experience unforgettable gaming moments with Xbox One.

Venom Twin Docking Station

Encased in a beautifully crafted black body, the Venom Twin Docking Station is pretty exceptional when it comes to charging your Xbox One wireless controllers. It also comes with two Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs so that you enjoy playing up to 18 hours of extra gameplay. Even when Venom Twin Docking Station is still in standby mode, it still able to perform its duty of charging your Xbox One wireless controllers.

Venom PC Products
Of course, Venom also did not neglect its duties to the PC master race as it builds great gaming gear for those PC users as well.

Venom PC Pro Gaming Mouse

Overall, Venom PC Pro Gaming Mouse is a wired professional laser gaming mouse. In terms of personalizing your gaming performance, you should take advantage of its 7 programmable buttons, DPI switch and changeable weights. At the same time, this Venom gaming mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind. Not only that, it is also highly responsive so that you enjoy unlimited flexibility and freedom in enjoying smooth and solid gameplay.

Venom PC Pro Warrior Keyboard

More than just being a keyboard warrior, this exceptional Venom gaming keyboard is going to elevate your gaming performance to new heights as you are now strike your enemies with your venom! Built to be the ultimate expression of speed and response, Venom PC Pro Warrior certainly delivers when it features 110 mechanical shaft keys with mechanical reliability. Listen and watch as each tap on the key gives out satisfying gameplay as well as its lovely sound. At the same time, this Venom gaming keyboard has been designed to be tough so that it lasts longer and withstand heavier punishments.

Feel The Venom Effect In Your Gaming Performance

More than just poison, experience the Venom effect that enhances your gaming power! Offering a vast array of gaming accessories that cater to your needs, you can take a look at Venom gaming products. For superior audio experience, Venom audio & Hi-Fi products are incredible as they have been outfitted with the latest technology and innovation so that you can enjoy your game fully. When you are truly serious gaming, Venom Malaysia products are crafted specifically in meeting your growing demands as you hone your skills in gaming.