At first glance, VDL may look like a counterfeit brand for international brand M.A.C with its simple three -etter brand logo and black packaging, but VDL is not your cheap, low quality cosmetics brand at all. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing Korean make-up brand today that emphasises one cosmetic artistry. Click here to learn more about VDL.

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VDL Malaysia: About VDL, the upcoming Korean cosmetics brand giant

Originating form the beautiful kingdom of South Korea, VDL is an international cosmetic brand that was founded in 2012 under the lifestyle products giant LG’s Household and Health Care division. A professional make-up brand that is dedicated in helping women to live and achieve their dreams by providing answers to their key beauty desires, VDL is the current upcoming star from South Korea's competitive cosmetics industry and the brand that young women can turn to.

With professional beauty expert Wendy Rowe as its brand artist, VDL shares her passion in creating the most confident and beautiful face with the Nude Skin aesthetic. With a natural look that means clean skin paired with bold colours, a vivid concept of VDL beauty is created!

What is VDL?

VDL sets its mark to make sensitive desires of 25-year-old women come true in professional and vivid colours.

V—Violet Dream Luminous, inspires to be a global brand that uses latest technology and trends in its creation of beauty products

D—Dream of VDL is to bring out the most in women from the runway to the streets

L—Lumilayer Technology developed by The Colour lab is a revolutionary formula that gives each product dazzling colour that is sheer and also natural, allowing users to utilise light, luminescent and colours in their make-up

VDL Malaysia: Get flawless skin with VDL

Introducing VDL’s simple 3-step makeup routine that will help you have perfect skin complexion. This routine will not only prepare your skin for make-up but also functions as a skincare routine.

VDL SKIN P+R=O Regenerative range of antioxidant skincare products is made up of SKIN P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence and SKIN P+R=O Almighty Cream that will help:

  1. (P)rotect the skin
  2. Help the skin to (R)ecover from damage
  3. Achieve (O)ptimum skin results

Paired with the VDL Lumilayer Primer (to get that added glow and complete skin primering) and you are good to go!

However, if you are preparing for a whole day outing or for any special occasion finish up with VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF 30, PA++ (to ensure longer lasting coverage and have flawless skin all day-long even under hot humid weather).

VDL to create the ultimate beauty for women

VDL is a dynamic brand for the modern young woman as it offers a new notion of beauty with a global sense of style and sensational sensual colour spectrum in its products. VDL’s mission is to create a sensuous and vibrant universe of make-up to highlight beauty in all its vividness for any woman who dares to dream.

Popular among make-up artists, fashion bloggers as well as costume enthusiasts, VDL is the brand that can fulfil every make-up need. VDL offers a range of VDL Foundation, VDL Eye Shadow that comes in various variants and mixes for make-up versatility, VDL also has its own VDL Nail Care that will allow you to compliment your whole look with. You won’t want to miss out on VDL Lipstick collection too, why so? Read on.

VDL ambassador — VDL+Sohee

After leaving internationally known Wondergirls girl group, Sohee focused her career advancement as an actress and model. With her signature monolid looks that earned her the ‘It Girl’ title in Korea. Sohee was VDL’s first brand ambassador with spreads of her on billboards and advertisements adverts, VDL became the new Hot brand of cosmetics in Korea within a short period of time. The VDL+Sohee campaign was a great one for both artist and brand as it was covered widely by Korean media as well as neighbouring countries media. Presently, VDL has stores in Korea as well as in Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and China.

VDL Malaysia: Top VDL Products

Here are some VDL products that we think you should own.

  • VDL Metal Cushion Foundation: gives a superbly natural finish with good coverage and decent oil control and not overdoing the shine factor. You can apply it with a brush/fingers as it is spreadable and has a blendable consistency. Many users have reviewed that it doesn’t cake and still looks very natural when reapplied.
  • VDL Festival Lipstick: offered in 27 shades interestingly named with guys’ names, this lipstick collection doesn’t seep into cracks or highlight dryness of the lips. Popular choices are Jared, Austin and Ashton. VDL lipsticks sits thick and non-budging on the lips and its bright red colour range like Jared and Brooklyn are gloriously sexy when it comes to tone. With a blue based, it will also make your teeth look whiter.
  • VDL Expert Colour Eye Book 6.4 (no.5): this plate of colours offers both warm and cool tones that are trendy, giving you extra choices when applying your eye make-up. With 12 carefully selected eye colours on one elegant eye palette, this creation was made possible with a collaboration with Pantone, a world famous provider of colour systems.

Get the latest and trendy VDL cosmetics at iprice Singapore, be creative and try on different colours and types of makeup. Who know you might even create a whole new makeup trend online.