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V'asia Platinum Drink | V'asia Beauty Product - V asia Miracle Lift Serum | V'asia Slimming Product - Apple Fibre + Collagen


Popular Products by V'asia Cosmetic & Healthcare Malaysia

V'asia Platinum Drink

This nutritional drink is one of the bestselling products by V'asia. Here are the primary ingredients packed in one bottle along with their health benefits:

  • Maqui Berries - High content of potent antioxidants that help to maintain cardiovascular health and aid in blood sugar control.
  • Prunes - Rich in vitamin K and A which help to control blood sugar level while maintaining skin health
  • Noni - Effective in enhancing the body's immune system as well as the digestive system
  • Mangosteen - Rich in antioxidants; help lower the risk of cancer and help reduce excess cholesterol levels in the body
  • Honey - A source of energy and stamina for the body, also serves as glucose to replace carbohydrates
  • Pomegranate - Contains tannins that serve to improve gut health and keep digestive bowel diseases at bay

V'asia Beauty Product - V asia Miracle Lift Serum

Containing rich hyaluronic acid, carbomer and wild yam, V'asia's Miracle Lift Serum helps to reduce fine lines on the face as well as wrinkles and bruises under the eyes, tighten loose skin, and restore your facial vibrance in a natural way.

V'asia Slimming Product - Apple Fibre + Collagen

V asia Apple Fibre Collagen is a mixture of Apple essence drink with Psyllium Husk and Collagen, with the apple being rich in antioxidants, helping to boost the body's immune system; Psyllium Husk gives a feeling of fullness; Collagen rejuvenates cells in the skin and improves skin elasticity. Mix 1 sachet of AppleTox with 150ml of cold water, shake and drink once a day after lunch or after dinner. Besides apple Vasia offers orange, grape, and fruity as its flavour options.

V'asia Maternity Product - V'asia Set Bersalin Herba Bonda 8-in-1

The V'asia Set Bersalin Herba Bonda is a traditional maternity set that comprises a range of products with herbal ingredients for mothers restoring their health during the post-partum period:

  1. Jus Prawanita: A special herbal drink for abstinent women. Has 1001 nutrients for internal and internal energy. Enriched with herbs and highly recommended for use during the abstinence period.
  2. Phyto Lawwas: Formulated from delicious Orange fruit containing soluble fibre inulin, Sliced ​​Acid Extract, Ginger and Garlic. Can overcome constipation, achieve ideal weight, expel wind and restore body freshness. Suitable for breastfeeding mothers.
  3. Milk Booster: Strawberry flavoured drink with Fenugreek Extract, Longan, Carrot and Dates. Provides extra energy and increases milk production for abstinent mothers.
  4. Shaping Contour Cream: Special cream for body contour. Helps reduce the effects of cracks or "Stretchmarks". Suitable to be applied on the abdomen, waist, back and arms.
  5. Serapat Betel Salt: Used as a soak, dip, scrub or mask. Works as a deep cleanser, removes dirt, removes odours and provides a refreshing sensation.
  6. Spice Mask: It is a formulation with spice extract of pilis that helps beautify the skin with a better glow and restore freshness.
  7. Bidara Soap: Bath Soap with Bidara Extract that has 1001 benefits. Deep cleansing while maintaining the health and beauty of the skin. Reduces the effects of cracks, and evens out skin tone. Contains Bidara Extract as soothing aromatherapy to prevent irritation.
  8. Aroma Fresh Therapy Oil: Formulated from natural ingredients based on a blend of essential oils for a cool and soothing massage.