No matter how far beauty trends have come, there will never be any product that can replace Vaseline. People of all ages, men and women alike, are all familiar with this petroleum jelly and their exciting array of lotions. Did you know that Vaseline petroleum jelly has other uses besides moisturizing your skin? Read more about that below or check out the latest health and beauty products from the brand.


Vaseline 101 - Other Uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

One of the most recognized brands in your local drugstore, Vaseline has a great array of body care products such as lotions and shampoos. Among their most iconic products is their own brand of petroleum jelly. Surprisingly, this product has tons of different uses, often not involving health and beauty. Here are some, often surprising uses for Vaseline petroleum jelly that you should know about.

Heals scratches and skin wounds

The most important uses of Vaseline are, of course, to heal minor wounds on our skin, especially to soothe burnt areas and beside that. Its cooling effect is also great for skin moisturizing. Thanks to its formulation, Vaseline petroleum jelly hastens the healing process of the skin and even prevents scar tissue from forming.

Replace body lotions and moisturizers

Vaseline can be used as a face lotion too! Apply evenly on your face before going to bed every night will result in desirable smoothness for your complexion, especially if you have dry skin. Vaseline petroleum jelly hydrates the skin which leaves a supple glow. Furthermore, you can replace all the body cream products with only Vaseline to tackle dry skin. However, for those with already oily skin, it can be a little bit heavy and can clog pores. So, use it as a moisturizer only if you have dry skin or on dry parts of your face or body.

Removes makeup

Did you know that you can use Vaseline as a makeup remover? In fact, it is recommended to substitute since Vaseline petroleum jelly contains harmless ingredients which makes it suitable to all skin types! Because of its thick formula, it can easily break down pigment which makes it easier to remove your makeup with wet wipes. You can also use Vaseline petroleum jelly to correct your makeup and make it more flawless!

Lengthen and Strengthen your Eyelashes

On the makeup note, Vaseline will also help to thicken your eyelashes. Just simply apply a tad bit of the jelly onto your lashes before going to bed with a spoolie brush and watch the magic! You will notice your lashes will become thicker naturally in two weeks’ time. Vaseline has moisturizing properties that promote lash growth, making your eyelashes longer and stronger.

Soften your lips

Moving on to the lips, Vaseline is a great lip balm as well with proven positive results from professional makeup artists. If you have chapped lips due to cold weather, simply whip out your Vaseline petroleum jelly and provide moisture to your puckers. You can also use Vaseline to create the irresistible luscious look for your lips. After applying your lipstick, just gently dab the jelly on the center of your lower lip, spread it out and voila, who needs the lip plumping enhancer anymore.

Shape your eyebrows

If ever you need to shape your eyebrows and you don't have a brow gel or pomade, Vaseline can get you out of this sticky situation. Simply apply a bit of product on your brows and shape it like you would normally do!

Hair care and split-ends treatment

Similar to skin moisturizer, you can use Vaseline to keep your hair healthy and manageable without spending a fortune at the hair salon. You can substitute it as a pomade or a hair gel, for that slick look and make it into a DIY hair treatment for split ends. With its hydration properties, you can revitalize and add moisture to your dry ends with petroleum jelly.

Prevents Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be a bane of existence, especially for parents taking care of their kids. You can prevent diaper rashes in infants by applying petroleum jelly before putting on their diaper. The lubrication prevents friction on your baby's tender skin and it also helps moisturize, leaving your baby's skin happy and healthy.

Make your Perfumes Last Longer

Have you ever experienced spraying perfume and minutes later, the scent is gone? Every perfume wearer has this problem. To solve it, simply apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on your pulse points and spray on your perfume. This will guarantee a long-lasting scent that would leave you smelling fresh for hours!

Other Uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

  • Remove lip stains from soft surface.
  • Polish old shoes.
  • Slide a ring off your finger easily without causing pain.
  • Protect your newly inked tattoo and enhance its sharpness.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is a great product to have on your beauty and emergency bag. From beauty and skin care to getting rid of stains and polishing surfaces, Vaseline has you covered.