Known as the most commonly owned clothing, T-shirts are normally worn for the casual look. Vans T-shirts in Malaysia have the best designs for men and women. Click here to find out more about their products.


Vans T-shirts in Malaysia: Your Favorite Board Sports Brand

Founded in 1966 by brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, their apparel has always revolved around the youth culture, promoting creative self-expression, authenticity, and progression. The brand’s deep roots also creatively link action sports with art, music, and street culture. Originally a skateboarding company, the Vans brand evolution continues until today, becoming the world’s largest youth culture brand.

Vans T-Shirts in Malaysia for all genders

T-shirts for men

Simplicity would be the easiest way to describe Vans T-shirts in Malaysia for men. When it comes to shopping for clothing, men would generally choose outfits with simple designs compared to rather than those with loud designs. The Vans logo that stretches across the chest area of the Vans T-shirt in Malaysia is a popular choice for men. Moreover, the single pocket T-shirt printed with an image representing the birthplace of the brand (California), such as oranges and tropical motifs is also a favourable T-shirt for men.

Other styles of Vans T-shirts in Malaysia for men

If you opt for T-shirts with bigger designs printed on them, the sleeveless T-shirt inspired by Hawaiian designs is your best bet. Looking for T-shirts with more coverage? There are various Raglan styles and long sleeve apparel just for you with Vans T-shirts in Malaysia, such as the Vans Robles Raglan LS T-Shirt, Vans Classic Logo LS T-Shirt, Vans Full Patch Back Print LS T-Shirt and so much more.

T-shirts for women

The Vans T-shirts in Malaysia for women have quirkier designs compared to the men’s T-shirts. Some examples would be the Nintendo character-themed logos such as Mario and Princess Peach. Similarly, the Vans logo across the chest is also a popular design for Vans T-shirt in Malaysia for women. Retro designs on the T-shirts seem to be also a popular choice.

Other styles of Vans T-shirts in Malaysia for women

Dress super effortless with the trendy T-shirt dress styles! A little detailing goes a long way especially when it comes to oversized apparel such as the Vans Summer Nummer Zip Front T-shirt Dress. Opting for a simpler design on your T-shirt dress? The ideal option could only be the Vans X Dabs Myla T-shirt Dress with Peeking Pocket.

Tips to style your T-shirt

The simplest way for men and women to style their T-shirts is through the art of layering. Go from casual to smart by pairing your T-shirt with an outerwear such as a blazer or a jacket. The colour of your T-shirt is also an important aspect of styling. A classic way is to pair solid-coloured white or gray T-shirts with bottoms that are darker in shade such as dark denim or khakis. Conversely, T-shirts with medium colour shades such as navy or blue, go well with lighter coloured bottoms. You can choose to pair your T-shirt with other Vans accessories such as hats and sunglasses plus a great selection of Vans shoes!