If hair styling and hair care is something you want to get into, equip your vanity closet with only the best hair styling products from Unix Malaysia. Unix is the world’s leading brand in small electronics and appliances that pursue quality and customer satisfaction. Check out our selection of Unix Malaysia products or read more about the brand.


Unix Malaysia - Setting the Standard in Hair Styling Tools

Considered as your own crowning glory, your hair contributes to your self-confidence and image. Take care and style your hair with the best products from Unix Malaysia. This award-winning brand has an exciting selection of, not only hair care and hair styling tools but other small appliances. Whether you have long, short, curly, or straight hair, you would find their products an exciting addition to your vanity stand. Look fabulous everyday with Unix!

About Unix Malaysia

When you think you know everything about hair care and hair styling, Unix gives you more opportunities to be more creative! Established in 1978, Unix Malaysia specializes in electronics and small appliances particularly hair styling tools, massagers, and household appliances. For the past 38 years, the brand has been innovating the industry with their unique design, technical skill, and creativity. For example, Unix has developed a functional hair dryer which uses anions and far-infrared radiation to emit heat and dry your hair quicker than any hair dryer. The first of its kind, Unix continues to create these amazing products to improve the quality of life.

Because of the brand’s passion and contribution to the industry, Unix has received recognition from different award-giving bodies. From its headquarters in South Korea, Unix has received Korea Marketing Award, Trust Company Award (2004), and “best of the best” award from 75,000 hairdressers in the United States from 2003 to 2004. Aside from that, Unix has also been chosen as the World’s Top Products in 2005 based on a third world market. When it comes to small appliances, trust only Unix. Their extensive array of products is ensured to make your life more convenient and functional!

Unix Hair Styling Tools that Everyone Must Have

In general, the brand is mostly focused on health and beauty tools from hair care, styling, to small massagers, and accessories. Among its best creations include It’s Magic, Semi-Style, and X-1 hairdressing products. So, if you love to style your hair, make your look more exciting with Unix hair styling tools!

Unix Hair Dryers

When it comes to hair dryers, nothing beats Unix in terms of power, convenience, and functionality. The brand boasts an exciting selection of hair dryers that would suit each hair type. Essentially, different types of hair also mean different heat setting for each Unix hair dryer.

Unix Curling Wands

Now that curls are back in trend, Unix curling wands would give you those coveted ringlet curls or wavy mermaid hair. Whether you prefer a clip or clipless curler, Unix curling wands provide a wide range of sizes with a selection of temperature setting to suit your hair. What’s more about Unix curling wands is that they are designed to fit perfectly on your hand so you can easily maneuver the wand when styling your hair!

Unix Straighteners

Like Unix curling wands, Unix hair straighteners or hair irons are designed with great precision and ergonomics. You can also adjust the temperatures depending on the texture of your hair for that flawlessly straight locks. If you feel like you want straight hair, simply plug your Unix hair straightening iron, and style your hair faster than conventional irons!

Unix Hair Clippers

Styling your hair doesn’t always mean you either curl or straighten it, you can also use Unix hair clippers to trim your hair a few inches short! Perfect for men and women, Unix hair clippers are easy to use and convenient! Now you can achieve those perfect undercuts and buzz cuts without spending money for a trip to the salon.

Unix Shavers

Unix not only takes care of your hair styling and hair care needs but also hair removal. Unix has an extensive array of shavers for men and women so that you can get rid of unwanted body hair. From your face, armpits, legs, arms, and pubic areas, with Unix shavers, you will have smooth and stubble-free skin in an instant!

Unix Hair Styling Accessories

Complete your Unix hair styling collection with exciting accessories from hair dryer diffusers, curlers, ear covers, and so much more! Now you can easily style your hair with Unix!

Shop for Unix Hair Care and Hair Styling in Malaysia!

Give your hair and body an all-day spa treatment anytime of the week with Unix! Their extensive array of products can give you that salon-like care you have always wanted. Unix Malaysia focuses on creating hair care and hair styling tools for everyday use! So, check out our selection of Unix hair care, and Unix appliances in Malaysia!

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