Are you one of those world travellers who proudly call themselves a nomad? Or are you about to embark on a new adventure to the land where winter is a real thing? Either way, we are sure that you will need a piece or two of Universal Traveller clothing for protection from the cold and elements. Check out the best jackets and down coats from Universal Traveller Malaysia or read more about the brand below.

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Universal Traveller - Everything you Need to Know about Travelling in Winter

Being an outdoor person who is always on the road seeking new adventures doesn’t mean you can’t stay abreast of the rest of the world in terms of fashion. Universal Traveller was founded with a mere philosophy of “a union of innovation carves the stylish and savvy modern traveller”. With the main focus of providing winter clothing and gear for everyone, the brand has always been a trusted friend of countless explorers to the cold winter lands all around the world. You can expect the top-notch quality putting together with an impeccable fashion sense from every single item under the name Universal Traveller.

Different Types of Jackets for the Cold Weather

We all are familiar with summer all-year round weather in Southeast Asia at its best and worst, so the regions where winter temperature hits below 10 Celsius degrees to even negative degree may be a nightmare to some of us. Make sure that you are well prepared for that once in a lifetime trip with sufficient protection from Universal Traveller as below. All of Universal Traveller’s clothing lines are available for both men and women as well as kids.

Wind-resistant Jackets

The most crucial item to pack for your next winter holiday must be a slim, wind-resistant jacket. Versatile as it is, it can be worn for all winter conditions – individually or layered. The most popular winter destinations for Malaysians are Japan, South Korea, China and the Europe region where the temperature can vary greatly. So always have your wind-resistant down jacket or padded jacket by your side before boarding. It is extremely light weight and luggage-friendly as well as super stylish.

Winter Coats

You can be just as classy as the Parisian during winter with Universal Traveller’s Coats collection. Available in Classic Bonded Coat and Oversize Faux Fur Coat designs, these items will ensure the most protective layer to your winter outfit. The coats are suitable for 5 – 20 Celsius degrees. You can layer it by wearing a heat retaining sweater or just a thin inner shirt if the weather is just slightly chilling.

Some Tips for Travelling During Winter

When it comes to packing for winter trips, one may just succumb to the overly stuffed luggage and end up paying more for extra baggage weight. Let us save your hard-earnt money with a few valuable tips to pack without any hassle:

  1. Research on the weather forecast for your travelling period.
  2. Thoroughly plan the itinerary to at least find out how many days you are going to spend in a particular area.
  3. The number of clothes to pack depends heavily on the weather conditions but it all boils down to the art of layering.
  4. Follow the simple guide to choose the perfect piece for your layering game:
    1. The innermost layer should be breathable and most importantly, it has to be absorbent fibre to reduce sweat. For enormously cold countries where the lowest temperature drops way below the negative point, do not hesitate to get Universal Traveller’s long john (for below 5 – 0 and 0 – 10 Celsius degrees).
    2. The second layer is usually to retain heat, so be sure to include several sweaters in your packing list.
    3. The last layer, which is also the bulkiest one, has to be wind-resistant jackets with hoodies and perhaps fur to keep you extra warm during winter.
  5. Those layering clothes can be rolled together to save more space in your luggage.
  6. Always prepare extra pairs of socks in case the other gets wet.
  7. Winter accessories such as beanie, gloves and scarf should be packed in your hand-carry.

Bring the Right Universal Traveller Luggage

No matter which airport of the world you are currently in, you will surely see people dragging around the signature luggage by Universal Traveller. With the striking features of both technical quality and designs, these wonderful travel companions deserve to be with you everywhere you go.

If you prefer a tough material that can withstand external harms as well as shock-resistant, the Jean Francois or Royal McQueen model is an ultimate choice. It is available in 3 standard sizes – 20”, 24” and 28”. For those who like a bit of stylish touch, the Airways or Travel Pro model will catch your attention. These designs offer expandable compartments that help to provide extra room for small garments to fit in effortlessly. The material is high-quality Nylon (with one special Airways Khaki edition) that is waterproof and lightweight to save you added weight.

Looks like you are all prepared for a trip to the winter wonderlands with a wide range of Universal Traveller products? But you haven't selected accommodation or transport yet? Try Traveloka or for affordable costs on hotels and tourist activities!