There’s nothing better than trendy fashion that is affordable and accessible, and that’s exactly what Uniqlo Malaysia offers. The Japanese clothing brand has a wide array of fashion staples, from cardigans to various styles of trousers. Hailing all the way from Japan, Uniqlo Malaysia carries all the clothing items and accessories that you need to upgrade your wardrobe.

Where are Uniqlo clothes made?

Is Uniqlo cheaper in Japan?

Who is Uniqlo owned by?

What does Uniqlo mean?

Is Uniqlo sizing small?

How much is Uniqlo price in Malaysia?


Essential Wardrobe Additions from Uniqlo Malaysia

No matter how fun you may think shopping for clothing is, not everyone will enjoy it as much as you do. For some, looking for the right design of clothing with the right colour and the right comfort level can be an impossible task. Luckily, Uniqlo can be the answer to all of these dilemmas.

Uniqlo Malaysia online carries trendy clothes that can be comfortably worn by anyone with any body type, shape, or size. Uniqlo periodically updates its collection to follow current fashion trends and crazes. However, in a nutshell, most of Uniqlo’s clothing follows minimalist trends, opting out of flashy graphics or designs. The clothes from Uniqlo relies on neutral and soft colours, stripes, plaids, and minimal graphics.

Uniqlo Maternity

Who says women can’t be chic while they’re carrying their bundle of joy? Uniqlo has a whole collection of maternity clothing and undergarments that are both fashionable and comfortable for all pregnant women. Among the products in this collection include the Uniqlo Maternity Ultra Stretch Jeans, Uniqlo Maternity Leggings, and Uniqlo Maternity Shorts (underwear).

Uniqlo suggests dressing your maternity clothing based on how far along in the pregnancy you are. If you’re currently in your first trimester, you still have the freedom to wear whatever you want as long as it doesn’t suffocate your abdomen. As you progress in the pregnancy, choose clothes from Uniqlo that are easy to put on and take off, provides a lot of room for your growing baby bump, and most importantly, are comfortable enough for you to move around in.

Uniqlo Kids & Babies

Aside from Uniqlo Maternity, Uniqlo also has a collection of clothing for babies, toddlers, and children. This way, it’s easier for mommies and daddies to match with their little ones as all of the clothing pieces from this collection are similar to the ones for adults. Suitable for both school and playtime, the most popular items from the Uniqlo collection for kids and babies include flannel button-up shirts, striped tees, comfy sweatshirts, and sweaters with fun graphics.

Uniqlo Work Smart

The Uniqlo Work Smart collection is not only appropriate for your workplace, but they are beyond stylish and are comfortable enough for you to wear for 8 hours and more. Workplace fashion is slowly evolving, and it’s acceptable for you to wear more than just a suit and tie when you show up at work. The items from this Uniqlo collection include blazers, long-sleeved shirts in various patterns and materials, oxford shirts, sweaters, cardigans, innerwear, an assortment of trousers, and work accessories like briefcases, backpacks, belts, and socks.

Uniqlo Sport

Aside from being pregnant in style, going to the office in style, and dressing up your kids, so they’re in style, you can also work out in style with Uniqlo. The Uniqlo Sports line carries clothing with the latest technology in fashion to make your exercises more of a breeze. The items in this line include the Dry Ex, Dry-Stretch, Blocktech, Airism, and more. The Dry Ex material can keep you cool and will not cling to your body even at your sweatiest. Airism clothing and undergarment, on the other hand, prevents the clothes from becoming damp when you sweat during a workout. This collection also includes socks, gym bags, and more.

Uniqlo Jeans

A jeans collection is a staple for all fashion brands if they want to be number one, and Uniqlo Malaysia has exactly that. The jeans from Uniqlo are up to par with jeans from other internationally recognized brands. The collection features jeans in various styles and fits like the skinny fit, slim fit, boyfriend style, high-waist, ultra-stretch, and the revolutionary Ezy jeans. The Ezy jeans look exactly like a normal pair of denim jeans, but they feel like a pair of sweatpants instead. The Ezy has hidden drawstrings, weaves to mimic denim, and a soft pile interior for comfortable wear.

Uniqlo offers more than just these five collections, including collaborations with top fashion designers. From loungewear to shoes, you can find all your unique clothing necessities right from Uniqlo Malaysia.

Uniqlo MY Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Uniqlo clothes made?

Clothes from Uniqlo are mostly manufactured in China, but the brand also has plants across Asia, like in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Is Uniqlo cheaper in Japan?

You can get clothing from Uniqlo for cheaper if you buy it in Japan. However, there are cases where converting from Japanese Yen to Malaysian Ringgit would make the price similar, if not higher, to the prices we have in Malaysia.

Who is Uniqlo owned by?

Uniqlo operates as a part of an umbrella company called Fast Retailing. Tadashi Yanai, the CEO of Fast Retailing, owns 46% of all the company’s assets, including Uniqlo.

What does Uniqlo mean?

Uniqlo is a portmanteau of “unique” and “clothing”. Through the brand’s name, Uniqlo prides itself on providing timeless clothing that also stands out among other fast-fashion clothing.

Is Uniqlo sizing small?

Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion brand that caters to the average size of Japanese and Asian people. Compared to international clothing brands like GAP or Zara, the sizing in Uniqlo is considerably smaller. You can visit the official Uniqlo Malaysia website to see the complete sizing chart as well as tips on how to measure yourself accurately.