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Unicharm Center-In Sanitary Napkin Daily (24cm) 17 pcs
RM 38.00 RM 40.00

Brand from Japan: Unicharm. Ultra instantaneous absorbing center-in pad with tightly packed high absorbent polymer fits firmly to the body, absorbing menses swiss. Even if you are worried about getting out, you will soon confine menstrual blood, so absorb it even if it is thin. Center in, absorbed menstrual blood. It is superior in absorbed amount and absorption speed, it absorbs firmly in the center of the napkin. Improved 'fluffy seat' absorbs speed, so absorbs in the middle without expanding menstrual blood, it is safe without losing beside. Package design that can be happy when you buy or use it. Girls who love fashion are also convinced package designs that do not look like sanitary supplies. Cute center in by pop can be chosen by miscellaneous goods sense, so when buying it seems to be somehow fun. It's easy to carry and it's perfect for going out. Compact individual packaging that fits comfortably in the palm. Individual packaging is so thin and compact as to fit snugly into the palm of your hand with its own packaging technology, so even if you put it in a pocket or pouch, it is smart. Since it does not use paper tape, the sound when it is replaced is very quiet. Even when you carry or change, the moment you change. Center In is full of pleasant functions in various scenes related to menstruation. After use it is wrapped in a sheet and thrown away. Slim fluffy type, with feather.

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Among the best-selling collections from Unicharm are the 1/2 Deep Moist Cotton Puffs Makeup Pads 40 pcs, Super 3D Mask Standard (Normal) 30 pcs and Center-In Sanitary Napkin Daily (21cm) 22 pcs.  Do not reach too deep into your pockets! With just RM 10.00 - RM 258.00, you can purchase Unicharm's exquisite array of products online! Skin Care, Bath & Body and Makeup are among the many products offered by Unicharm Malaysia. In terms of colour, Unicharm's most in - demand colours are White, Red and Pink. When you shop with iPrice, you can get as much as 69% discount on all Unicharm products.