Establishing itself as the prominent authority in the testing and measurement industry, Uni-T brings the much-needed affordability in all of its products so that everyone can own and use them. Read more about Uni-T Malaysia below to find out.

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About Uni-T – Perfecting the Art of Testing Instruments

As one of the most leading test and measurement solution provider in Asia, Uni-T has been a force to be reckoned with since its arsenal of products are widely used and recognized around the world. Boasting numerous credentials such as European CE, American UL, Chinese CMC and others, Uni-T is proud to say that its products have been fully designed and adapted to meet the requirements of the professionals who require robust yet simple tools in carrying out their works. Moreover, Uni-T has always been designing and developing products that meet the stringent standards of the industry. In short, Uni-T exhibits the proven track record when it receives tons of orders around the world.

Why You Should Get Uni-T Products

Advancing with the times

Since its inception, Uni-T is the champion of progressive technologies that can be utilized in the best manner possible. This just illustrates the growing commitment by Uni-T when it comes to designing and developing products that truly make the real difference. Most importantly, Uni-T recognizes the need to pursue and push the boundaries of established technology in transforming the world by making it simpler.

Cutting Edge Research

Before a product can be designed and manufactured, there is just a lot of groundwork involved with its preparation. As for Uni-T, it boasts teams of dedicated researchers and designers that believe in the necessity of pioneering technology and innovation. Not just that, Uni-T is also the proponent of continuous research and development. Thanks to this well-established attitude towards research, it is unsurprising that Uni-T has been able to develop a variety of groundbreaking innovations that change the future of test and measurement tools.

Global Mindset to Create Innovative Values

Understanding the need in having the global mindset to create innovative values, Uni-T is dedicated when it comes to incorporating attitudes that inspire creativity and ingenuity in all of its works. As such, Uni-T also thinking hard and long in designing products that really matter. It is all about making a simple product that people can learn to use conveniently. At the same time, its products also emphasize the importance of preserving the environment by designing environment-friendly products. Needless to say, Uni-T products have been received with much enthusiasm around the world since they display that consistent qualities and innovations.

Popular Uni-T Malaysia Products that make your life Simpler

Just as tools are built specifically to make our life simpler and more convenient, so too Uni-T products have been developed exclusively to transform the way you do your tasks. In other words, Uni-T products are the epitome of simplicity as its products are simple to use while making your tasks to be completed faster. Only Uni-T can make the process of testing and measuring to be so much fun and rewarding at the same time.

Electric Testers

Uni-T UT520

Simple yet robust at the same time, the Uni-T UT520 proves to be a highly versatile device as an earth resistance tester. Possessing the functions of backlight display, low battery display, data hold, data storage, power saving and auto power off, this Uni-T product makes it even easier for you to use it effectively.

Amazingly, you can use it not only for accurate three-wire measurement but also two-wire measurement as well. As such, this Uni-T device is perfect for measuring the earth resistance of all kinds of electrical power system, electrical equipment and anti-thunder equipment. In addition, you can apply it to measure earth voltage and test operating earth systems of smelting, manufacture, communication, fossil oil, electricity, chemical industry and construction.

Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Uni-T UTS1000

Designed for field use, the Uni-T UTS1000 is your handheld spectrum analyzer that emphasizes the meaning of simplicity and efficiency at the same time. Thanks to its lightweight and simple design, this Uni-T product can be said to be your best choice in terms of performance and value. Featuring its 6.5 inch widescreen LCD display screen, it provides clearer and sharper visuals to you. This proves to be very helpful when you want to read the reading or results in a quick glance.

Not just that, the Uni-T UTS1000 boasts a powerful battery that lasts up to 4 hours' worth of continuous usage. Most importantly, you can recharge this battery easily. In addition, you can even replace its battery easily and conveniently through the "push battery compartment". In order to connect with PC, it uses the common USB or LAN communication. Moreover, you can upgrade its integrated testing system so that it becomes more handy for you to use and measure. In short, the Uni-T TST1000 handheld spectrum analyzer is truly a reliable and quick tool for you to carry out your tests in a more efficient manner.

Thermal Imagers

Uni-T UTi100

The robust Uni-T UTi100 thermal imager is exactly what you need in getting quick and accurate thermal readings. Boasting high quality lens, infrared detector (100 x 80 pixels) and simple yet reliable operating system, this Uni-T thermal imager is here to make your life and work easier as you can make your measurement or reading efficiently. If you are familiar with IRthermometers, you should not be having hard time in using this Uni-T thermal imager. Those from diverse industries such as electronics, smelting, energy, automobile, petrochemical, construction and others find that the Uni-T UTi100 is such an awesome device to work with.

Your Perfect Solution in Every Situation

Thanks to its impressive array of exceptional products, Uni-T is shaping up its role as the premier provider of test and measurement tools. Furthermore, they are rightfully seen as the perfect solution in every situation. Even if you are not a seasoned worker or a professional, you can always use Uni-T products in planning your renovation or other home improvement projects. In fact, you should take a look at these wonderful Uni-T home improvement products.