Under Armour not only puts emphasis on the quality but also on the performance of their apparel and footwear. Their products are engineered to keep athletes comfortable throughout the course of a game. Apart from wearing proper sports equipment, it’s important to keep in mind a few list of things to avoid sports injuries. Read the article below to learn more.

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10 Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries with Under Armour Malaysia

When engaging in sports activities, it’s incredibly important to wear the right sports gear like those from Under Armour. Aside from that, it’s imperative to follow guidelines that will help you do your warm-ups properly and understand safe sports practices to prevent sports injuries.

Wear the right sports equipment for injury prevention

Wearing a proper sports equipment, like Under Armour shoes and clothing, is important to prevent injuries. When selecting shoes, choose a variant that provides adequate support and is suitable for the kind of activity you’re in. Keeping that in mind can prevent injuries like heel spurs, shin splints, and sprained ankles.

Equip protective accessories

Aside from wearing sports apparel and footwear, it’s also best to equip protective accessories like knee braces and elbow pads which prevent soccer injuries. Other team sports like basketball also has its own set of protective gear such as knee pads and leg sleeves. If you’re engaged in other sports, apart from those mentioned, make sure you know the assistive devices associated with them.

Always do warm-up stretches before engaging in a sports activity

Warming-up is one of the best ways to prevent sports or workout injuries. Regardless of the sport, warm-ups are essential to increase flexibility and blood flow before undergoing physical activity. Although there are some studies that question the importance of warm-ups, it doesn’t take a lot of sense to know that light exercises are essential before diving into the game. Imagine yourself in a basketball game without a proper warm-up -- it would be difficult for you to shoot a three pointer or perform other intense moves.

Do not push yourself beyond your limits, too fast

If you have been living a sedentary life for a long time and then engage in an intense workout or sports activity, the risk of getting an injury is high. Make sure you do not push yourself too hard quickly and start building your strength and stamina first before putting in your 110%.

Minimize repetitive movements

Performing repetitive movements improves skill and builds up muscle memory, however, it could strain your muscles, tendons, joint, and ligaments if done frequently. So, make sure to minimize doing the same actions and mix it up with cross-training to distribute the stress of exercise evenly throughout the whole body instead of just one area. For instance, if you are a soccer player, give your legs a break by building your upper body and core strength with kayaking. Not to mention, it’s a good cardiovascular workout as you go through the motion of paddling a kayak through open water.

Give your body time to heal

Sports injuries can turn into chronic pain if you don’t allow them to heal. That’s why they need to be healed fully first before resuming physical activity. Also, once a sports injury has recovered, don’t push yourself too hard and gradually engage in the activity. If you experience pain again, it means that the injury has not fully healed yet. To avoid sports injury from recurring, make sure to do warm-ups before activity, wear proper sports gear, and avoid overexertion.

Check the playing field for any holes or debris

If you play soccer or other similar games, you should check the field for any holes, debris, or items that could hurt you. Inspecting for these things early is one way to be prepared for the game and prevent sports injury.

Do regular warm-ups to avoid leg pain

Overexertion and a poorly executed warm-up are two reasons why some sports injuries lead to chronic leg pain. When muscles legs are pulled too far while running, a sprain occurs, causing pain and limiting the range of movement. This can be prevented by doing regular warm-ups and avoiding overexertion. Aside from these, paying attention to unnoticeable obstacles and uneven surfaces can avoid sprained legs.

Eat a healthy diet

Injury prevention is not only about training and proper equipment, it also involves nutrition. It’s imperative for all athletes to eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. With that, you will absorb the right number of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc., essential for regular body work.

Keep Hydrated

Hydration is one of the most important things that all athletes should maintain. It prevents dehydration that increases an athlete’s risk for injuries like a concussion. It also makes you much less susceptible to diseases after exercising. To stay hydrated, just keep these things in mind:

  • Carry a bottle of water with you every day. It’s best to get a reusable one so you can refill it and avoid spending another bottle.
  • Hydrate before, during, and after a physical activity.
  • When you feel hungry, it doesn’t mean you truly are. You may be thirsty but to determine what you’re actually feeling, just drink water. If you don’t feel satisfied by that, then that means you are truly hungry.

Is Tom Brady with under Armour?

Tom Brady is a loyal Under Armour ambassador. To prove it, Brady noticed a Nike swoosh on his undershirt, so he pulled up his championship T-shirt to cover it.

Does Under Armour sleepwear really work?

The fabric is extremely soft and stretchable, so they're nice to sleep in and comfortable to lounge around in. Considering the sleepwear's exercise recovery technology recycles your body's heat, you might assume that it can trap the heat and cause you to sweat. No, the technology doesn't work like that.

Can you tumble dry under Armour?

Instructions on how to was your Under Armour items are on the tags of your items. However, in general, machine washin cold water with like colours. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

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