Out of all the mods a car enthusiast should do first is to install a strut bar. The best brand for strut bars is Ultra Racing. Want to install a strut bar? Here are some pros and cons that come with installing an Ultra Racing Strut Bar.

Ultra Racing Strut bar and Stabilisers: Do they really work?


The Pros and Cons of Installing An Ultra Racing Strut Bar

When it comes to modifying a car, one of the first mods racers (and ricers) go for is a strut bar. Pop up the hood of any modified car and you will find a strut bar mounted on the engine bay. Not many people (drivers included) know about the uses of a strut bar. Out of all the strut bars out there, Ultra Racing strut bars are the most common in Malaysia. Coming in at affordable prices and incredibly adaptable to all types of cars, Ultra Racing strut bars become the best option for first-time modders. Here are some pros and cons of installing strut bars.



Here’s what most people think about strut bars – they add stability to your car. Long story short, it’s true! What a strut bar does is it creates a sturdy weight that can be adjusted to fit your car. A pair of strut bars, one mounted in the front and one in the back of the car, keep the center of gravity of the car low at all times. When the center of gravity is low, the car will be able to take corners at higher speeds than usual.


Many may not know that strut bars also reduce flexing in the car’s body. As the car undergoes pressure from outside, the body of the car could warp while moving. This warping is called ‘flexing’. Flexing reduces the cars rigidity and could cause movement in components that should be static. A strut bar, particularly an Ultra Racing strut bar, secures the two ends of the car. This, in turn, prevents movement because as one side moves, it is held back by the other end. It is also stronger in the event of a car crash. The strut bar strengthens the car’s frame reducing the impact that travels through the car.

Weight distribution

Ultimately, the weight of the car shifts from one side to the other when in motion. A strut bar helps to distribute the weight. The weight is dependent on the car’s position while moving. As the car hits a turn, the force travels through the strut bar and gets distributed to the rest of the car. Adding struts to the front and back also evenly distributes the forces exerted on the car while it moves.

Cool Looking

Of course, there’s also street cred. You can stand tall with your hood open. Showing off your strut bar indicates that you know what you are doing. Even if you don’t want to show off, a strut bar gives you that discreet feature whereby you only reveal when you absolutely need to open your engine.


You may be called a Ricer

It goes without saying; if you make any modifications to your car, you will get haters. Some people immediately assume you are a ricer. You could ignore the haters, but the image still remains. It doesn’t help that most ricers have bad manners on the road – revving their engines and speeding.

You may get addicted to mods

You start with one, move on to something bigger, before you know it, you’ve got big plans to modify your entire vehicle. This will lead to you becoming addicted to modifications. That’s well and good, but overall, you want to get a balance on how you do up your car. Moderation is key.

Ultra Racing Strut bar and Stabilisers: Do they really work?

According to an article in Malaymail, the answer is yes. However, fitting a front strut bar or a rear stabiliser bar incorrectly could waste your money because it had no effect, or made your car worse. Before installing it, we should know what a front strut bar or a stabiliser does.

Front Strut Bar

A front strut bar is fitted onto the top of the left and right-hand strut towers of the front suspension and these bars are often used in race and rally cars. By fitting a rear strut bar, it helps to increase the rigidity of the top part of the suspension and helps to minimize the tendency of the strut towers to move inwards. By making the front suspension more rigid, it helps to improve the overall handling.

Stabiliser Bar

The stabiliser bar is also known as an anti-roll bar. It was designed to counter rolling movements of the car. When your vehicle goes around a turn, it rolls to one side or its weight shifts to one side; we called it “body roll” or “sway.” The anti-roll bar will control each wheel’s suspension to even out your vehicle’s body roll and keep in control, so they stay in contact with the road to control your vehicle’s stability.

If you need to improve the handling, by all means, go get one. Purchase it from a reputable dealer, and get it fitted by professionals. Read on to know what type of Ultra Racing strut bars you can get in Malaysia.

Ultra Racing strut bars:

  • Ultra Racing 4 Point Rear Strut Bar
  • Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Strut Bar
  • Ultra Racing Stabilizer Anti-Sway Bar
  • Ultra Racing Rear Anti-Roll Bar
  • Ultra Racing 6 Point Side Lower Bar

You could also choose Ultra Racing strut bars based on the type of your car. For us in Malaysia, Ultra Racing provides hundreds of options for our Japanese cars such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. It also has options for our local cars such as Proton and Perodua. Check out the best Ultra-Racing car accessories in Malaysia at iPrice!